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Genteel Death 02.20.2010 06:42 AM

Thread where we recommend each other weird minimal wave/synth tracks and albums
And not so weird too. Some tracks that I put on a mixtape recently:
Genetic Factor- Action Spot
Smalts- Werktitel 4
Van Kaye and Ignit- The Heat
Das Kabinette - The Cabinet
Die Tanzdiele - Strandgut
Bubonic Plague - Polyhedron
Mathematiques Modernes - Disco Rough
Ruth- Polaroid Roman Photo

Toilet & Bowels 02.20.2010 09:28 AM

i've got a few decent comps of this stuff, minimal wave the lost tapes, minimal wave the found tapes, and one called kassetentater (or something similar, on WSDP).
saved on my pc at work i've got a link to a blog that is nothing but uploads of minimal wave flexis, i'll try and remember to post it next week

atsonicpark 02.20.2010 10:45 AM


Genteel Death 02.20.2010 11:03 AM

Another pretty great track is Factory Floor's ''Lying''. It was posted some time ago on the ever reliable 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog.

fugazifan 02.20.2010 06:21 PM

this was exactly the thread i was going to start, where i ask her genteel to recomend minimal synth kind of stuff.
will check out. thanks!

o o o 02.20.2010 07:16 PM

Nini Raviolette - Suis-je normale?

(another track from Nini Raviolette, although it is less in the direction you're looking for:

Mary Moor - Perfect Day

Massassinated 02.20.2010 08:03 PM

Monoton - Monotonprodukt 07 but I guess you already all know it...

o o o 02.20.2010 08:05 PM

a few more songs:

Palais Schaumburg - Telefon

Mono 45/Upm - Romantic Adieu

Liaisons Dangereuses - Mystère dans le brouillard

Frieder Butzmann - Waschsalon Berlin

but maybe you know all of those already...
it's difficult for me to really list favourites as there seem to be many individual tracks of this type that i instantly like... i will be interested in further recommendations in this thread as well...

o o o 02.20.2010 08:08 PM


Originally Posted by Massassinated
Monoton - Monotonprodukt 07 but I guess you already all know it...

ah yes, this one is really great...
i also have "blau" by monoton, which is very good too.

Bytor Peltor 02.21.2010 09:05 PM


Originally Posted by Genteel Death
Some tracks that I put on a mixtape recently:

A good old fashion mixtape?

Genteel Death 02.22.2010 01:44 AM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
A good old fashion mixtape?

In that case it was an old fashioned one. Somebody should revive the mixtape thread.

Genteel Death 02.25.2010 03:28 PM

Not Only Bones- I'm An Empty Dream's Keeper
Not Only Bones- Last Lift
Chandra- Kate
Robotewerke- We Never Come Down
A09 Ende Shneafilet - Midnight Train
Interior- Bizarre Disco
Tone Set- Slim
All killer tracks.

scott v 02.25.2010 04:24 PM

Grauzone - Eisbar

Genteel Death 02.25.2010 04:27 PM


Originally Posted by scott v
Grauzone - Eisbar


alteredcourse 08.22.2010 08:36 PM

I came across this page looking for various recommendations (starting with John Fahey + Leo Kotke similarities) and I LOOOOOVE everything mentioned.

I cant help but hear the similarity in say that song Slim by Tone Set to old 8bit nintendo music, and I would love to know what kind of machines people were using then to create electronic music.

For any of this stuff, what did they use ????? It's amazing.

Edit - if you have a copy of that finished mix tape, I'd love to get my hands on it.

Bytor Peltor 08.22.2010 10:17 PM

I just placed, "PF2" by SyrFox on a mix I made this past week - good stuff!

Derek 09.08.2010 05:12 PM

Does anyone know of any minimal synth that is similiar to what Coil were doing with synths?

Genteel Death 11.01.2010 11:36 AM

Futurisk - Split Second Decision

Linear Movement - The Game

Ruth - Polaroid Roman Photo

hirsute_biped 11.04.2010 11:11 PM

george harrison: electronic sound on zapple records

Mortte Jousimo 11.06.2010 08:40 AM

the Leo Bugariloves: Viiden tuulen lakki

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