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nicfit 02.14.2010 09:10 AM


full discography streaming, in case you never got a chance to listen to them.
Well worth, imo.
have fun!

Savage Clone 02.14.2010 11:50 AM

I still feel a debt of gratitude to nicfit for turning me on to this music some time back.

Green_mind 02.15.2010 03:56 AM

"spread some...", thanks man!

nicfit 02.15.2010 04:42 AM


Originally Posted by Savage Clone
I still feel a debt of gratitude to nicfit for turning me on to this music some time back.

Awwww, don't make me blush!


Originally Posted by Green_mind
"spread some...", thanks man!

Hope you'll enjoy those sounds!
I absolutely love them.
And they are nice and funny guys too, you can read some pretty weird thoughts on that wordpress thingy.

A Thousand Threads 02.15.2010 12:51 PM

Still hurts to think about the problems I had with Supernatural Cat mail order. never got anything

YESSSSSS to Morkobot
yet another ridiculously great italian band.

nicfit 09.09.2011 12:22 PM

Date Venue Location Tickets
Sep 14 GrooveStation Dresden, Germany
Sep 15 Festaal Kreuzberg Berlin, Germany
Sep 16 Stengade Copenhagen, Denmark
Sep 17 Inkonst Malmö, Sweden
Sep 18 Blitz Oslo, Norway
Sep 19 Truck Stop Alaska Goteborg, Sweden
Sep 21 Nuclear Night Club Oulu, Finland
Sep 22 Yo-talo Tampere, Finland
Sep 23 Lutakko Jyväskylä, Finland
Sep 24 Korjaamo Helsinki, Finland
Sep 26 Molotow Hamburg, Germany
Sep 27 Underground Cologne, Germany
Sep 28 013 Tilburg, Netherlands
Sep 29 Bastard Club Osnabrück, Germany
Sep 30 Baroeg Rotterdam, Netherlands
Oct 01 Het Depot Leuven, Belgium

nicfit 09.09.2011 12:23 PM

Oct 03 The Croft Bristol, United Kingdom
Oct 04 The Well Leeds, United Kingdom Tickets
Oct 05 The Continental Preston, United Kingdom Tickets
Oct 06 Purple Turtle London, United Kingdom Tickets
Oct 07 Nouveau Casino Paris, France Tickets
Oct 08 Gaswerk Winterthur, Switzerland
Oct 09 Les Caves du Manoir Martigny, Switzerland
Oct 27 LOCANDA DI CAMPAGNA Lonato Bs, Italy
Nov 05 Arcadia Schio Vi, Italy
Dec 03 Milk Genova, Italy

Go, bitches.

blunderbuss 09.09.2011 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by nicfit

I already am, whore.

nicfit 09.12.2011 02:44 PM

Morbo is (almost) here, sluts, streaming on supernatural cat's site.
Already preordered the beautiful LP......




nicfit 11.01.2011 04:53 PM

here, a live I recorded (mp3 version), password: getal

long file (well, not too long <40mins ), some tracks from MORBO yeah, recorded @Low Festival this summer...

Phlegmscope 11.02.2011 10:15 PM

I saw them supporting Ufomammut awhile ago. This time Ufomammut were a mere disappointment as they pretty much repeated what they did a year before at the same venue. Thus Morkobot were more interesting (hadn't heard them until that night) and better.
I need to check out some of their albums.

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