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cryptowonderdruginvogue 07.05.2006 04:45 AM

"do you remember...."


Iain 07.05.2006 06:15 AM

YES! I do...but only that song. I think they had another but it was really not that memorable. Or I would have remembered it obviously.

PAULYBEE2656 07.05.2006 06:48 AM

hobo humpin slobo babe,

absolute bollocks!

SpectralJulianIsNotDead 07.05.2006 11:35 AM

Do you remember your president nixon?

Savage Clone 07.05.2006 11:43 AM

I had forgotten that song until now. I was happy about that. Now I am not happy anymore.


Rob Instigator 07.05.2006 11:48 AM

I do no even know what this is.

this song must have come out those 2 years after high school that I spent with my friend LSD out in the Mindway

LifeDistortion 07.05.2006 12:03 PM

I remember Whale, one of those one hit alt bands, like 4 Non Blondes and That Dog. Believe me, I wish I could forget.

Glice 07.05.2006 12:29 PM

Gaaahaaa. I have their album. Fuckin' A.

Savage Clone 07.05.2006 12:30 PM


Glice 07.05.2006 12:32 PM

That's the gayest video I think I've ever seen*

*This statement is assuming the audience's ignorance of every Will Young video.

porkmarras 07.05.2006 12:38 PM

Do you remember that Will Young one that had an Edie Sedgwick impersonator in it?How gay,i ask you yes you,was that?

Glice 07.05.2006 12:47 PM

I like Will. I like his music. Wasn't there a swimming one? How gay was that?

porkmarras 07.05.2006 12:49 PM

More gay than the Bronski Beat swimming one(smalltown boy).

Glice 07.05.2006 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by porkmarras
More gay than the Bronski Beat swimming one(smalltown boy).

That's going off the gay-chter scale!

porkmarras 07.05.2006 12:53 PM

The swimming pool bit is one of the gayest scenes ever filmed and i mean it from a very gay point of view.

porkmarras 07.05.2006 12:54 PM


porkmarras 07.05.2006 12:54 PM

Careful of mixing gays and swimming pools.You don't know what's in there waiting to explode.

cryptowonderdruginvogue 07.06.2006 07:01 PM

well eff yall then :/

atari 2600 07.08.2006 08:31 AM

do you remember?
Hands clutched the troubador
You were not a member
You were not a member
You can count me out
or count me in
But don't count today
& change again
Your mind & my mind
your mind is my mind

Eye still remember
It was a closed dragon desert
It was a song from the river
Song from the river
Sundown's down to keep my lonesome strong
Your mind & my mind
Your mind is my mind
Skyline to skyline
skyline to skyline

Skyline to vertigo
Makes me wanna follow
Skyline to vertigo
Makes me wanna follow

There's strength in numbers
No time for pretenders
Lifetime contenders
your lifetime pretenders
Did you hear the way the past is gone?
Somehow gotta keep my lonesome song
Skyline to skyline
skyline to skyline

Skyline to skyline

fishmonkey 07.08.2006 09:08 AM

shit song, good memories though

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