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Moshe 10.21.2009 08:24 PM

"always seems to move so slow" by Chris Habib

WARNING: CONTAINS A FEW SECTIONS OF STROBING IMAGES a non-narrative impressionistic documentary of the making of harmony korine's "sunday" for sonic youth. features harmony as a disembodied voic...

atsonicpark 10.21.2009 09:28 PM


stu666 10.22.2009 01:35 AM

Thanks Moshe!

chabib 10.22.2009 11:35 AM

thanks, moshe. forgot to mention it here after the tweet. i need to write a proper blog post about it. there are 2 additional totally different versions of it, but since this is the version in the sensational fix show, i figured it'll be the only one i post.

in a way, it's kind of more of a sound piece than a video piece. i just looked back on the timeline for the edit and there are up to 10 tracks of incidental audio layered in spots. i think there's a total of about 30 seconds of literally synched audio in the movie. almost the entire thing is an intentionally disorienting or deliberately misleading cut-up.

also...people have emailed me.
i *know* the flickervision monitor shots in the beginning and the high-speed camera buzz drive people mad... that's precisely why i put them there. i'm well versed in the tedium of making easily digestible work. if i wanted to do it, i would.

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