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!@#$%! 03.27.2006 04:12 PM

Terrastock Festival
anyone going?

i see bardo pond, fursaxa, charalambides, marissa nadler, jack rose, windy & carl, and... salamander!! << congrats savage clone!!

i'm thinking of going, but this will invove another cross-country trip and down time from work.


who is going?? & do they still have tickets??

Savage Clone 03.27.2006 04:14 PM

Another boardie, charlie, is playing as well (Thought Forms).
If you go, say hello. I wanna hear you verbally pronounce your handle, smartypants.

!@#$%! 03.27.2006 04:26 PM

you need to learn to speak telepathically to pronounce that :D

hell yeah i'll say hello. and meet charlie.

btw my chances of going just increased. i just showed mrs. !@#$%! that lightning bolt is playing (i skipped mentioning them in the first post) & she made big eyes, hah hah.

now we just need to find the money :D


Savage Clone 04.18.2006 07:42 AM

I'm leaving for the long drive in just a few hours, pretty excited now!

Iain 04.18.2006 08:03 AM

Good luck to all those playing and a jealous scowl to all those going !

jon boy 04.18.2006 08:09 AM

its all been cancelled return home now!

Savage Clone 04.18.2006 08:19 AM

Good. I can go back to bed now.

jon boy 04.18.2006 08:37 AM

i would if i were you.

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