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nuplastikk 09.04.2009 12:38 AM

bark haze rpm question
so...what rpm is the Bark Haze/ OLWDTW split 7" intended to be played at. One would assume 45..but just wanted to verify.

nuplastikk 09.04.2009 09:36 AM

45rpm it is!

tesla69 01.29.2017 08:14 PM

I found a cheap copy of the "Jupiter/Monolith" split Bark Haze/Strum 12" picture disc today - a one sided disc plays from the center out with each band in one channel (allegedly, or my stereo is cheap and bleeding channels), the jupiter side is a very cool picture disc indeed. Musically it is what I would expect from Bark Haze. Interesting experiment because it loops at the end. If you don't realize it is going to loop - or that the record starts in the middle - the needle gets to the loop very quickly in the outside groove...and it seems to be part of the music. I played it at 33, I hope that was right.

I also got what I think is an unplayed Afternoon Saints vinyl set for $6 and a Spiderwebs lp with Tom Carter.

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