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Moshe 08.30.2009 12:57 PM

L7 on SLR?


From 1980 to 1983, L Seven bucked current treads in the Detroit underground scene, neither the boogie-punk of the late 1970s nor the hardcore that later came to dominate the scene, releasing only one EP on Touch And Go's Special Forces imprint. During this time they attracted a loyal following, among them Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth, who in 2006 offered to put out a compilation of unreleased material on his Smells Like Records label. This page offers a taste of what we were able to dig up from the archives, which will ultimately be mastered by real live professionals for the CD. Hope you enjoy it.

Zombie Robot 08.30.2009 01:04 PM

this is very cool. thx moshe.

Eliminator Jr. 08.30.2009 07:07 PM

These guys are pretty sweet. Thanks for the link Moshe

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