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CHOUT 08.30.2009 10:40 AM

I got an original photo of Kim Gordon at a garage sale.
she's not at a garage sale in the photo, she's playing guitar...
...from a show I was at!
Cool garage sale find! 50 cents!

Rob Instigator 08.30.2009 10:53 AM


viewtiful_alan 08.30.2009 11:01 AM

Woah, did they really know what it was? Anything else cool there?

CHOUT 08.30.2009 08:10 PM

I also got a murray street era promo 8 X 10 for 50 cents. The guy had lots of music stuff, but that's all I found there of interest to me.

But the kim photo is a pro shot and printed pic...from the nycg&f tour outside at the walker.

joe11121 08.30.2009 09:22 PM

Lucky man, sounds awesome. I'm jealous

SuperCreep 08.30.2009 09:23 PM

pics or gtfo

(psyche naw, but some pics would be sweet)

cagedbird 08.30.2009 10:54 PM

congratulations. always cool to find something at a garage sale. thanks for sharing.

lucyrulesok 09.01.2009 02:34 AM

post a piccie please?

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