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Moshe 08.27.2009 12:01 AM

Thurston in "I Hate People" Video
photos by Andrew Kesin


Moshe 08.27.2009 12:01 AM


Moshe 08.27.2009 12:01 AM


greenlight 08.27.2009 01:28 AM

video to song of Jemina new album? like to see it. thanks. she's blond again...

nicfit 08.27.2009 01:57 AM

I'm listening to the song...
So, Mr-T + Iggy, she likes old cuckoos eh :D ha haha haahhaaa!
I need cookies.

mil_pl 08.27.2009 04:13 AM


Originally Posted by Moshe

this one

Decayed Rhapsody 08.27.2009 08:32 AM


o'connor 08.27.2009 09:51 AM

i never realized how hot she was. i'd pee in her butt. think thurston's hittin that?

baby bulldog 08.27.2009 09:53 AM

Who's the cutie with the stuffed animal? Wowie!

notyourfiend 08.27.2009 10:03 AM

i feel like the older jemina pearl gets, the less mature her lyrics become.

be yr own pet blew me away when i saw them with sonic youth in 06. i couldn't believe that they were only teenagers. their second album "get awkward" definitely showed that, if only because of that stupid lp title.

that being said, i still want to be her.

joe11121 08.27.2009 12:15 PM

cool stuff

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