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h8kurdt 08.26.2009 05:29 AM

ATP Xmas 4 berth ticket for sale
Hoi, ok so before some whiny bitch starts saying how you have to have your details when you go to the festival it's ok. I've spoken to ATP and sorted it out with them. The reason I'm/we're selling is because we wanna go to the 10 year anniversary instead.
NOW ATP have said that if we can offload this ticket then we can contact them and sort out about transferring the details to you and we get to go to the atp the week after.
So does anyone want to buy it?


_slavo_ 08.26.2009 06:00 AM

For how much? I might ask some Slovakian friends who wanted to come over

h8kurdt 08.26.2009 08:20 AM

Face price so 680 zounds

h8kurdt 08.27.2009 07:01 AM

Bumpety bump

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