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Sonic Youth 37 03.21.2006 12:49 PM

Hi Lee!!!
Good looking new board, huh?

screamingskull 03.21.2006 12:51 PM

hi Lee!!

perfectwagnerite 03.21.2006 01:09 PM

Bonjour Lee

shentov 03.21.2006 01:11 PM

he got back behind the lurkers curtain now!
or went playing instead of wasting time on internet ha ha ha

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 03.21.2006 03:24 PM

hello, to one and all.

RIPfrey05 03.21.2006 04:23 PM

y r u a sherrif.. barney fife ass mofo

HaydenAsche 03.21.2006 04:49 PM

What's lee's new account name?

noisemachine 03.21.2006 04:51 PM

Lee! You're amazing. Please tour soon :)

screamingskull 03.21.2006 04:52 PM

its: lee is free

HaydenAsche 03.21.2006 05:00 PM

Psh. New forum and he can't even change his name?

RockerNino 03.21.2006 11:08 PM

wow. cool new board. way different. hello everyone.

krastian 03.22.2006 01:26 AM

How's the baseball team RockerNino???

sonicl 03.22.2006 05:19 AM

Of course he didn't change his name, he's a self-confessed computer illiterate. He never even worked out how to post his version of the Brangelina / Goo hybrid pic!

guitarpro 03.24.2006 02:26 AM

Lee kicks ass

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