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cagedbird 06.22.2009 06:49 PM

SY on Late Night (NBC)
Please post any info about the show or links to clips, wait it should be on Hulu. What am I doing.:confused:

perverzion 06.22.2009 06:55 PM

it's gonna be "No Way"!

TheMadcapLaughs 06.22.2009 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by perverzion
it's gonna be "No Way"!

no way, it'll probably be fucking sacred trickster, antenna, or what we know


dirty bunny 06.22.2009 07:35 PM

nifty. I'll have to tune that in.

perverzion 06.22.2009 09:00 PM

trust me, it will be "No Way". 100% positive :)

soniknirve 06.22.2009 09:25 PM

i was there. it's no way. shame there were no other songs played.

mil_pl 06.23.2009 12:16 AM

who's got recording?

no way is good!

Sonic Youth 37 06.23.2009 12:29 AM

I fucking hate Jimmy Fallon

dirty bunny 06.23.2009 12:37 AM

Very nice!

I have never watched Jimmy Fallon before, and had the sound down until SY came on. I don't think I'll bother watching him again. His fake laughter was annoying.

Sonic Youth 37 06.23.2009 12:39 AM

Cool that Thurston wore glasses.

deflinus 06.23.2009 12:41 AM

pretty awesome performance. i could barely hear thurston and lee though. mostly just the bass and drumming. steve kicked ass

i like how before the end credits, i really thought lee was going to let some feedback come out but the roots started playing their gay song and i was disappointed

StevOK 06.23.2009 12:41 AM

It was very cool.

automatic bzooty 06.23.2009 12:41 AM

thurston's shades were badass. yeah.

this record fucking rocks live.

automatic bzooty 06.23.2009 12:42 AM

also, i like how lee and thurston were trying to get thee skronk on while jimmy was talking at the very end. hah.

automatic bzooty 06.23.2009 12:51 AM

also also, i love how they gave everybody camera time! not just whoever was singing! there were shots of steve, omg! and mark! exclamation points!

Sonic Youth 37 06.23.2009 12:52 AM


Originally Posted by automatic bzooty
also, i like how lee and thurston were trying to get thee skronk on while jimmy was talking at the very end. hah.

Yes, unfortunately the didn't drown him out completely.

automatic bzooty 06.23.2009 12:59 AM

oh, if only!

and if only SY could permanently drown out carson daly...

Sonic Youth 37 06.23.2009 01:02 AM

They almost did when they randomly played 100%.

Chris Lawrence 06.23.2009 03:02 AM

damn, i was browsing 'dimeadozen' and it had the song played in the title of the torrent (which, on the bright side, is already posted!) but it hasn't aired out west yet... would've been a cool surprise!

now i'm just patiently waiting...

SpectralJulianIsNotDead 06.23.2009 03:03 AM

I missed it.

Anyone youtubing it?

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