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nomadicfollower 03.26.2006 04:26 PM

The Fall

Hip Priest 03.26.2006 04:30 PM

My instinctive answer would be Cerebral Caustic and the mighty The Unutterable, but... it depends what you mean by hardcore.

nomadicfollower 03.26.2006 04:40 PM

Forget it...I'm making no sense...
Since my initial question failed, let's make this thread a discussion of the Fall (feel free to share mp3's)
I've just gotten into the Fall and so far I've bought Hex Enduction Hour and Perverted Language. I'm saving up the get the Peel Sessions Box Set as I hear it's so good.
Great band from what I've heard though.

Hip Priest 03.26.2006 04:48 PM

At this stage in the proceedings, I should perhaps point out that there is a quite superb Fall discography online. It's right here, at the unnoficial Fall website and if you go to the singles section and then to Hit The North, the scan of the cassette single cover is my scan!!!!!!!!! The cassette single has version 4, which is awesome.

The Complete Peel Sessions box set is now the universally accepted necessity, both for old fans and new. You'll get 24 sessions (nearly 100 songs!) from 1978 all the way to 2004. It is, simply, the beast career overview of any band, ever. And it's good value too - in England it's about 25 (@ $35?). The versions here are also diffferent from the LP versions (and often superior in my opinion - Athlete Cured being a great example).

It's difficult to recommend LP's, but the box set will make you happy and give you a feel for the band's different eras - with 25 years, and lots of members, there's variety in there.

If I were to recommend LP's, then I'd have to say Hex Enduction Hour, if only because it is so popular amongst fans. Not one of my favourites though.

My preferences:

Room To Live, Bend Sinister, The Infotainment Scan, Cerebral Caustic, The Unutterable, Fall HEads Roll.

Good live LP's include Seminal Live and Live at Phoenix, although 27 Points is being re-released sometime soon, so maybe wait for that (it's not too great though).

There's so much that they've done - it's worth going to the excellent Unnoficial Fall Website and browsing there.

There's studio LP's, live LP's, compilations, compilations of alternative versions, about 90 LP-style releases in all! Browse the LP part of the dicsography.

And get the Peel Box Set!

Hip Priest 03.26.2006 04:51 PM

Sorry, double post!.

have a link to the new Official Website to make up for it. BUt it only concerns itself with the group as they are now.

nomadicfollower 03.26.2006 04:56 PM

Thanks, I plan to search the site soon.
I really do plan to get the Peel Sessions..I think I have enough money now, but I'm not sure if I want to spend all I have on it...
So the new album is good, Fall Heads Roll? Haven't heard it.

Hip Priest 03.26.2006 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by nomadicfollower
So the new album is good, Fall Heads Roll? Haven't heard it.

Hang on...John Peel Day concerts has a four-track Fall concert you can stream. Three of the tracks are from the current LP (Pacifying Joint, I Can HEar The Grass Grow and Blindness). Track two is 'Sparta FC', from The Real New Fall LP. The new one is very good indeed, yes.

schizophrenicroom 03.26.2006 05:27 PM

Priest- That's awesome they used yr scan.

I'd say This Nation's Saving Grace is up there.

TheDom 03.26.2006 05:34 PM

If you still can't decide, Mr. Mark Prindle ( has a VERY good The Fall review page.

Check it out!

Hip Priest 03.26.2006 06:17 PM


Originally Posted by TheDom
If you still can't decide, Mr. Mark Prindle ( has a VERY good The Fall review page.

Check it out!

Thanks for the link. They're not afraid to be critical are they? I disagree with some of their comments, but that sites worth a look too.

TheDom 03.26.2006 06:50 PM

Yeah, Mark is probably my favorite critic. He's also a very big Fall fan.

I disagree with him alot (look at his SY reviews!!!) but I go to his site almost everyday and it's showed me alot of my favorite bands (Polvo, Cows, Thinking Fellers..).

Hip Priest 03.26.2006 06:54 PM

From what I've read, it seems worthwhile, but he reviews Interim without saying how awesome Spart FC3 is - the difinitive version, in my eyes.

jon boy 03.27.2006 05:26 AM

i will always love the fall.

PAULYBEE2656 03.27.2006 08:10 AM

i really recommend you getting the latest album FALL HEADS ROLL. its a killer album also try light user syndrome as well, much forgotten record! peel sessions tho is the way to go, complete retrospective of the career... possibly on e of the finest releases ever.....

hey alex 03.27.2006 01:41 PM

I've only heard hex, wonderful world, and nation's saving grace, and those were enough to make me a huge fan. I really want that box set... and I do have some money now... hmmmmmmmmmm/.... I just wish i coul;d find it for less than 60$

Hip Priest 03.27.2006 04:52 PM

I think a great thing about the Peel Sessions set is that although it gives you a whole career overview, if you then go and buy the LP's with the same tracks, you won't be replicating as such - because the versions can be so different. In most cases I refer the Peely versions.

'Athlete Cured' LP version is a good song, 'Athlete Cured' Peely version is their finest moment.

PAULYBEE2656 01.05.2007 02:46 PM

hey nomadicfollower... did you get yr mark e hit yet?

Hip Priest 01.05.2007 02:50 PM

1. Click on this link:

2. Wait for the streaming to start.

3. Use the 15 minute and 5 minute fast forward buttons to go to forty minutes in (or 35 minutes in, and wait for a few minutes...)

You'll be hearing the song 'Fall Sound' from the forthcoming LP.


nomadicfollower 01.05.2007 03:11 PM

Since this thread was started, Perveted Language has become one of my favorite albums.

Nice link Hip Priest. Very admirable for them to continue putting out good albums.

PAULYBEE2656 01.06.2007 05:58 AM

good choice n.f. thats one of my all timefavs along with hex enduction hour......

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