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Florya 11.13.2008 02:00 PM

Loop reissues out now!!
Heavens End & Fade Out have been remastered by Robert Hampson and reissued as 2CD sets with loads of bonus tracks.

Heavens End is the extremely overdue reissue of the long out of print album by British band, LOOP. Remastered from the original analogue sources, this album is released as a double discs and housed in a mini vinyl style card sleeve, reproducing the original artwork. The album in its entirety on CD 1, with the bonus tracks (including relevant Peel session material from the time) on CD 2, the bonus material will be available on CD formats only. Remastered by Robert Hampson at SoundMasters with Kevin Metlcalfe, Heavens End originall came out on the HEAD label in 1987, they recorded their first Peel session that year (on the bonus disc) and the album draws heavily from the likes of the Velvets, Stooges, and the MC5.

Disc: 1 1. Soundhead 2. Straight To Your Heart 3. Forever 4. Heavens End 5. Too Real To Feel 6. Fix To Fall 7. Head On 8. Carry Me Disc: 2 1. Rocket USA 2. Soundhead (1st Mix) 3. Head On (1st Mix) 4. Soundhead (Peel BBC Live Version) 5. Straight To Your Heart (Peel BBC Live Version) 6. Rocket USA (Peel BBC Live Version

Fade Out was originally released on Chapter 22 Records in late 88, the Peel session was recorded at that time too: Loop were loosely influenced by bands such as The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, The MC5, but retaining an avant-garde and experimental edge from Can, Faust, Neu!, Rhys Chatham, Glenn Branca and minimalist systems music, to name but a few. As with Heavens end, Fade Out was remastered by Robert Hampson with Kevin Metcalfe at Soundmasters, with the original album on CD 1, and 4 unreleased demo versions, 3 peel session tracks, and the 5 guitar loops(!!!) on CD 2.

Disc: 1 1. Black Sun 2. This Is Where You End 3. Fever Knife 4. Torched 5. Fade Out 6. Pulse 7. A Vision Stain 8. Got To Get Over It Disc: 2 1. Black Sun (Feedback) 2. Torched (1st Mix) 3. Got To Get It Over (1st Mix) 4. This Is Where You End (House In The Woods Demo Mix Number 7) 5. Pulse (Peel BBC Version) 6. This Is Where You End (Peel BBC Version) 7. Collision (BBC Peel Version) 8. Fade Out Guitar Loops 1 9. Fade Out Guitar Loops 2 10. Fade Out Guitar Loops 3 11. Fade Out Guitar Loops 4 12. Fade Out Guitar Loops 5

Buy them now!
You won't be sorry!

Florya 11.13.2008 03:12 PM

World in Your Eyes and A Gilded Eternity are due out early next year.

al shabbray 11.13.2008 03:14 PM

what are the "5 guitar loops" on cd2?

Florya 11.13.2008 04:07 PM


Originally Posted by al shabbray
what are the "5 guitar loops" on cd2?

I'll let you know when I've heard 'em

Everyneurotic 11.13.2008 06:00 PM

i'm very excited about this, but sad that i can't buy them at the moment.

This Is Not Here 11.13.2008 06:05 PM

When I can afford them, I'll be buying them like a shot. Heaven's End is an amazing album.

al shabbray 11.13.2008 06:14 PM


Originally Posted by Florya
I'll let you know when I've heard 'em

would be nice, thanks

ruinedbyharps 11.14.2008 11:10 AM

I'm gonna be all over these come payday. Early Christmas present to myself.

PAULYBEE2656 11.14.2008 02:03 PM

maybe ill get them and after many years i might acually have a penny drop moment about loop.. they always kinda passed me by......

blunderbuss 11.15.2008 03:01 AM

The extras with Heavens End are a bit disappointing. It would have been nice to have seen more previously unavailable stuff - maybe something live.

Florya 11.16.2008 03:37 AM


Originally Posted by blunderbuss
maybe something live.

The Peel Sessions are 'live' aren't they?

blunderbuss 11.16.2008 03:46 AM

I don't know whether they're technicaaly live or not, but they are in a controlled (e.g. studio) enviroment. I meant live in front of an audience. Surely the "Limited Edizione" live recording can't be the only one in existence?

But anyway, the Peel Sessions stuff is already out there on Wolf Flow is what I was getting at by previously unavailable.

Florya 11.24.2008 09:18 AM


Originally Posted by al shabbray
what are the "5 guitar loops" on cd2?

Just had a listen and they are just as described - guitar loops. Each lasts for about 2 minutes and seem to be drones made up of feedback and distorted harmonics.

If you've heard any of the early MAIN stuff you'll recognise the style.

On the whole, Robert Hampson has done a great job of remastering these classic albums.

Genteel Death 02.15.2011 03:28 PM

Main kind of reformed. Or is it evolved? Robert Hampson continues to rule. I think there's a compilation of Main stuff on the way too, at some point. I seem to understand that Neil MacKay will have something out in the near future.

Genteel Death 03.30.2011 03:19 PM

Robert Hampson enjoying playing guitar again (a Jaguar, no less) made my day.

Florya 03.30.2011 04:05 PM

Robert will be playing his shiny new black Jag alongside Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk) at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels on April* 8th.

If you're in the area I recommend you check it out. It will be Roberts' first live guitar performance for around 10 years.

*Edited after new info from Robert.

Savage Clone 03.30.2011 04:18 PM

I wish I had a private jet.

Genteel Death 03.30.2011 04:21 PM


Originally Posted by Florya
Robert will be playing his shiny new black Jag alongside Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk) at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels on May 8th.

If you're in the area I recommend you check it out. It will be Roberts' first live guitar performance for around 10 years.


The Watcher 04.24.2011 01:11 PM

These reissues sound amazing, and for a change he bonus tracks don't fel tacked on, but very complete an valid editions to the reissues.... I still haven't picked up the world In Your Eyes since it always seems to be priced at about 40 dollars everywhere, but the other three are great!

blunderbuss 02.02.2012 03:07 PM

Robert Hampson, ex of Loop, has reactivated Main as a collaborative project. Currently playing live gigs as a duo with sound artist Stephan Mathieu, Main are appearing at Primavera Sound (date TBC) and Tanned Tin (Feb 3), both in Spain.

The band will also record new material in Spring and have enlisted the help of Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk), Mark Spybey (DVOA) and founding member Scott Dowson.

Hampson also has a new DVD/CD coming out on Editions Mego - which is an anthology of commissioned works from the likes of the GRM in Paris.

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