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What do the Sonic Youth members post under?
Like, what user names do they go by on the new boards? Thanks.

pantophobia 03.25.2006 08:25 PM

andrew kesin is also a mod

i think echo canyon is one of their techs whose name escapes me, but i don't know who fem priest is

but i do know it can't possibly be kim, could be thurston perhaps

pokkeherrie 03.25.2006 08:28 PM

echo canyon = aaron mullan
andrew kesin = akesin

also, thurston posts as "guitarpro", richard edson as "crappy drummer". :D

_slavo_ 03.26.2006 04:49 AM

never seen any post by Lee here. Steve posts quite regularly which we need to credit him for ;-)

Bal 03.26.2006 06:46 AM

whos fem priest?

guitarpro 03.26.2006 12:12 PM

How did you know it was me yeah right I wish

naomi 03.26.2006 05:20 PM

fem priest is defenatly thurston...

but who knows if he will actually post...

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