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Moshe 09.16.2008 01:35 PM

The Ecstatic Peace Thread
I think this one should be a sticky thread.
anyway, lots of goodies coming soon including 3(?) Thurston related releases!

Ecstatic Peace!

Coming Soon: Hush Arbors, Religious Knives, Menstruation Sisters LP, Andrew W. K. LP , Conrad/Oursler, Flaherty/Nace/Moore, Little Claw, Krefting, Heaven People. Mouthus LP, Northampton Wools, Aaron Dilloway LP, Crazy Dreams Band, Uneven Universe, Hat City Intuitive

This Is Not Here 09.16.2008 01:40 PM

Hooray for Moshe once again!

Good idea.

But... Andrew W.K??!!

tesla69 09.16.2008 01:40 PM

when will the Eunuchs of Industry lp come out?

Moshe 09.16.2008 02:00 PM


Always Heavy CS

Cat: Yodtapes-15

Pewtr is Sunburned's Ron Schneiderman taking a solo - thinkingman's dead electric guitar and spoken word trip to parts unknown.


Moshe 09.16.2008 02:04 PM



Cat: MH85

Baby's got the blues on this one. cuts from The Flowerhouse Roundtable, features live cuts, spokes, booze and blues, Mick Flower, John Moloney, Paul Labrecque, Rob Thomas, Sarah O' Shea, Ron Schneiderman, and more. . . track titles are embeded on the CD. Hand #d edition of 100.


Moshe 09.16.2008 02:05 PM

Fifty Foot Women

Mares CDR

Cat: yodtapes-9

50 FOOT WOMEN is a San Francisco-based duo with Jessi Leigh Swenson and Elaine Barry Kahn. Swenson is known for her trance-forming work with the Believers and Duck, Kahn is a wild card. Combined, they create and destroy small forms with the ease of kettle fish. Edition of 100.


Moshe 09.16.2008 02:07 PM

Electric Jellyfish

The Woods CS

Cat: yodtapes-16

The first offering from Electric Jellyfish in their three-piece incarnation. Influenced by everything from Glenn Branca to Neil Young, title track The Woods opens with eerie guitar noise and soon explodes into a country-gone-sideways march. It is a nine-minute epic about deceit, betrayal, and revenge, with creaking guitars and a continually intense rhythm to match its dark lyrical theme. B-side Mr. Innocent Gun continues the rhythmic intensity, but shifts towards a stark repetitive minimalism. With continual patterns, the changes are barely perceptible until they transform back to the way they started, producing a continuous flow throughout.


Moshe 09.16.2008 02:13 PM

AWESOME COLOR Fall 2008 North American Tour Dates !

Sep 19 2008 Cake Shop New York, New York
Sep 20 2008 Terrace F Club Princeton, New Jersey
Sep 21 2008 Heirloom Arts Danbury, Connecticut
Sep 22 2008 Living Room Providence, Rhode Island
Sep 23 2008 Middle East upstairs Cambridge, Massachusetts
Sep 24 2008 Le Divan Orange Montreal, Quebec
Sep 25 2008 Sneaky Dee’s Toronto, Ontario
Sep 26 2008 UFO Factory Detroit, Michigan
Sep 27 2008 Snake On The Lake Fest - U of W Madison, Wisconsin
Sep 28 2008 Beat Kitchen Chicago, Illinois
Sep 29 2008 Jake’s Nightclub Bloomington, Indiana
Sep 30 2008 Billiken Club St Louis, Missouri
Oct 1 2008 The Waiting Room Omaha, Nebraska
Oct 2 2008 Larimer Lounge Denver, Colorado
Oct 3 2008 Urban Lounge Salt Lake City, Utah
Oct 4 2008 * NEED SHOW ! Boise Idaho !!
Oct 5 2008 Someday Lounge Portland, Oregon
Oct 6 2008 * NEED SHOW ! southern Oregon or northern California
Oct 7 2008 Lil Red Lion Eureka, California
Oct 8 2008 Hemlock Tavern San Francisco, California
Oct 9 2008 SLO Arts Center San Luis Obispo, California
Oct 10 2008 The Smell Los Angeles, California
Oct 11 2008 Phix Gallery Phoenix, Arizona
Oct 12 2008 Bash Riprocks Lubbock, Texas
Oct 13 2008 The Mohawk Austin, Texas
Oct 14 2008 The Mink Houston, Texas
Oct 15 2008 Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Oct 16 2008 The Bottle Tree Birmingham, Alabama
Oct 17 2008 Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, Georgia
Oct 18 2008 Pilot Light Knoxville, Tennessee
Oct 19 2008 Local 506 Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Oct 20 2008 Outback Lodge Charlottesville, Virginia
Oct 21 2008 Velvet Lounge Washinton DC, Washington DC
Oct 22 2008 Mojo 13 Wilmington, Delaware
Oct 23 2008 Pi Lam Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

blunderbuss 09.16.2008 03:21 PM

Not new, but should be bought by everyone, on account of it's being brilliant:


kim salmon
wall/paper cs
cat: e#4g

kim salmon is the guitarist singer/songwriter from the scientists, one of the all time greatest bands, not only from their homescape australia, but the entire fucking universe. he's also spent some kick ass time with beasts of bourbon and the equally sweet kim salmon & the surrealists. last time we saw this swamp core genius we asked him if he ever recorded any "experimental" guitar action. as a matter of fact yes he did and goddamnit if he didn't send us some righteous avant smoke.

"wall/paper" is a continuous piece of guitar music moving through dark drone noise threat into scabrous dr rhythm romp and settling into sweet slide improvisation. a sartorial affair from one of the bossest music minds down under.

c-44 same program both sides, blue shells w/ 5 panel cover designed by kim salmon, gold inked #d edition of 100.

Moshe 09.16.2008 10:24 PM

Ecstatic Peace and Filmmaker Brendan Toller have teamed up to present this ongoing series of artist testimonials. Check out this first installment from the Bookmill.

Moshe 09.16.2008 10:26 PM

Religious Knives Tour

Sep 17 Paris - La Maroquinerie w/ Gala Drop
Sep 18 Den Haag - Helbaard w/ Gala Drop
Sep 19 Tillburg - ZXZW Festival w/ Gala Drop & Stellar Om Source
Sep 20 Aalst - Netwerk w/ Gala Drop
Sep 21 Amsterdam - VPRO Radio Show
Sep 21 Amsterdam - OCIII w/ Gala Drop
Sep 22 Aarhus - Spanien 19C w/ Gala Drop & Temple of Bon Matin
Sep 23 Copenhagen - Loppen w/ Gala Drop, Family Underground
Sep 24 Berlin - westgermany w/ Gala Drop
Sep 25 Prague - Chateau Rouge w/ Gala Drop
Sep 26 Leipzig - Zoro w/ Gala Drop
Sep 28 Milano - Disco Lounge w/ Gala Drop
Sep 29 Geneve - L’Usine w/ Gala Drop
Sep 30 Marseille - L’Embobineuse w/ Gala Drop
Oct 1 Barcelona - TBA w/ Gala Drop
Oct 2 Madrid - El Perro Club w/ Gala Drop
Oct 3 Bragança - Central Pub w/ Gala Drop
Oct 4 Porto - Maus Habitos w/ Gala Drop
Oct 5 Lisboa - Museu do Chiado w/ Gala Drop

Moshe 09.16.2008 11:08 PM

Paul Flaherty and Chris Corsano showa:

corsano only various combinations (see High Zero website for listings) - 9/17/08 -9/21/08 at High Zero in Baltimore, MD.
flaherty only Paul Flaherty-Weasel Walter-Marc Edwards-Peter Evans - 9/22/08 at The Delancey in NYC. With Big Band.
corsano only Michael Flower-Chris Corsano Duo - 11/1/08 at Netwerk in Aalst, Belgium.
corsano only Michael Flower-Chris Corsano Duo - 11/2/08 at Soy Festival in Nantes, France.
corsano only Michael Flower-Chris Corsano Duo - 11/3/08 at Instants Chavires in Paris, France. With Datashock.
corsano only Evan Parker-John Edwards-Chris Corsano - 11/4/08 at Cite de la Musique in Paris, France.
corsano only Chris Corsano Solo - 11/5/08 at Overtoom 301 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
corsano only Jeffrey Morgan-Chris Corsano Duo - 11/6/08 at Journal (TBC) in Cologne, Germany. Ubierring 18, D-50678 Koeln, 9pm.
corsano only Chris Corsano Solo - 11/7/08 at Bar Mondial in Antwerp, Belgium.
corsano only Michael Flower-Chris Corsano Duo - 11/8/08 at Hokaben Festival at 93 Feet East in London, England.
corsano only Chris Corsano Solo - 11/14/08 at venue tba in Copenhagen, Denmark.
corsano only Chris Corsano Solo - 11/15/08 at venue tba in Bergen, Norway.

Jef Mertens 09.17.2008 03:44 AM

I need that record! trailer

I stumbled upon this trailer through googling Brendan Toller. A film about the possible death of independent record stores.

Thurston/EP are in there as well. Anyone seen the film yet?

repeater 09.17.2008 04:25 AM


Originally Posted by This Is Not Here

But... Andrew W.K??!!

My immidiate reaction aswell
This is the same abbametal Andrew WK dude, yes?

isn´t there supposed to be Lee solo LP out on ecstatic peace soon aswell?
you know, the one with SONGS

atsonicpark 09.17.2008 04:36 AM


Wait, Wolf Eyes suck even worse than AWK.

Okay, carry on.

repeater 09.17.2008 04:41 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark


Derek 09.17.2008 11:08 AM

Yes and To Live and Shave in LA

repeater 09.17.2008 12:35 PM

you almost got me there...

so, how ´bout that Lee album? anyone knows or have I dreamed this?

atsonicpark 09.17.2008 12:36 PM


atsonicpark 09.17.2008 12:39 PM

Outside of his solo work, Andrew also performs with and produces music for the avant-garde ensemble To Live and Shave in L.A.. He first appeared on the band's 2004 release "God and Country Rally!". He co-produced their 2006 studio album Noon and Eternity, and appears on the group's other 2006 release, the "chronological remix" project Horoscopo: Sanatorio de Moliere.


Andrew's earliest external production work was with the group Wolf Eyes, on their now out-of-print 12" EP Fortune Dove. Since then, he's chosen to work on a select and seemingly random set of projects. Most recently, he completed production and mixing on the album, Through The Panama, by Brooklyn, NY based three-piece art rock band, Sightings. The album was jointly released by Load Records and Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! label in October 2007.

Wolf Eyes began as a solo project of former Nautical Almanac member Nate Young, with Aaron Dilloway joining in 1998, and John Olson in 2000.[1] During this time, the band also briefly relocated to New York City and at one point enlisted Andrew Wilkes-Krier, now known to the public as Andrew W.K.


It's fairly common knowledge.

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