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!@#$%! 09.02.2008 02:41 AM

hospital ships
pretty songs!

i have to say. very pretty. good shit to mellow the fuck out. most about drinking. yes.

al shabbray 09.02.2008 04:05 AM


!@#$%! 09.02.2008 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by al shabbray

ha ha no.

just very mellow shit.

i like it for a chillout session

kingcoffee 09.03.2008 04:38 AM

the only GOOD hospital ship is an ABANDONED HOSPITAL SHIP. fLAMING Lips = one of the greatest bands of all time. (despite the fact that their songs now appear in kraft salad dressing commercials ;( blech)

Bytor Peltor 09.03.2008 07:43 AM

Horse Hospital:

Nurse With Woune & Current 93: Music For Horse Hospital

LOW released a 7" as Hospital People.

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