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marleypumpkin 03.25.2006 12:54 AM

Bonnaroo Festival Thread # 200000000000
I'm already getting to see Dinosaur Jr. this April, & now on top of it, I get to see SY for the second time in my life, @ Bonnaroo. Not to mention getting to see Beck, Oysterhead, Les Claypool, just to name a few. But isn't it fitting that the best group at this whole festival, is our beloved SY. But there are still questions to be asked. Just to get it out of the way, When are Thurston, Kim, & Lee going to have their next improv tour? This is what I want to know most. Now, back to Bonnaroo. What are the groups you are excited the most to see, of course we include SY. & what other info do you want to share?

DISCUSS! :rolleyes:

marleypumpkin 03.25.2006 02:42 AM

Am I the only one going to this show? Fine, more SY for me.

marleypumpkin 03.25.2006 07:06 AM

I thought you people would have loved to talk about an upcoming SY show, but, I guess I was wrong.

rocky 03.25.2006 10:50 AM

bonnaroo is somewhere I am hoping to go, but the sy/Lips tour is drawing my attention, as is Radiohead, rumors following the U.S. tour say beck might support.... which is two huge floating concert bills outside of bonn',
with radiohead and sonick youth touring for songs no one has even heard yet.

my appetite is whetted :0 :0 --

marleypumpkin 03.25.2006 10:55 AM

I can see the dilemma you're in. But, to me, there's no question that you have to go to Bonnaroo. I'm not telling you what to do, it's just there's so many good groups to choose. I list my favorites on this line-up:

Sonic Youth
Les Claypool

& you wanted to see Radiohead, well, there gonna be at this show.
I though this would be your solution to your problem in the first place.

marleypumpkin 03.26.2006 06:09 AM


Just 'cuz

Kannibal 03.26.2006 06:16 AM

dude, it's not polite to bump a thread which is on first page anyway.

marleypumpkin 03.26.2006 06:23 AM

It wasn't on first page of the new posts section. It was on the second page of the Sonic Gossip section when I bumped it. If you must know.

Kannibal 03.26.2006 06:24 AM

i must know that.

marleypumpkin 03.26.2006 06:28 AM

Well, the forum was getting very, very boring when I did bump it. Thats' the only reason. But, let's talk about Bonnaroo, shall we.

Magublafix 03.26.2006 06:32 AM

You can buy me a airplane ticket and the ticket for the concert instead of bumping up your own thread...

marleypumpkin 03.26.2006 07:00 AM

I would if I had the money. & believe me, plenty of other people bump their threads. Everybody acts like I'm the only person ever to bump threads in the whole damn history of forums. Get off my back already.

guitarpro 03.26.2006 12:13 PM

Have fun at the shows

dietzer123 03.26.2006 12:42 PM

WOOOO! BONAROOOO! i look forward with great joy

Magublafix 03.26.2006 12:43 PM

Ohh dudes it makes me sad that so many people can see sonic youth live and i can't....

dietzer123 03.26.2006 12:49 PM

this is such an incredible line up. for everyone going you have to see soulive. it's just drummer, guitar, and a b-3 organ and they put down this magically funky show which you can not stop dancing to for 3 months afterwards. they're wonderful

sonikold 03.26.2006 01:34 PM

i'm going as soon as i get $200. i really want to see:
robert randolph
les claypool
cat power
medeski martin & wood
elvis costello
buddy guy

dietzer123 03.26.2006 02:20 PM

and sonic youth....

sonikold 03.26.2006 03:32 PM

soulive is an awesome live band. the albums are a bit over-produced, but live they are awesome and superfunky. i saw them for free 2 years ago, what a great show. MMW are also amazing live (i also saw them for free).

i'm really psyched to see SY because they really liked playing the 'roo last time. i think it was a big influence on how sonic nurse turned out. a 2-3 hour set is gonna be sweet.

marleypumpkin 03.26.2006 11:15 PM

Oh, how the tension mounts. Just hearing you goes talk about past Bonnaroo shows, & hearing how excited you are, makes me feel like I'm in for the time of my life. This wil be my 2nd time seeing SY, & when I saw them the first time, they pretty much stuck to classic hits. They really didn't venture outside the albums at all. So, getting to seem the do a 2-3 hour set will be exciting. Hopefully, they'll do a bunch of improv at this show.

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