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Moshe 08.02.2008 06:10 AM

How would you like your SYR 9?
What is your choice?

1) Sonic Youth/Brigitte Fontaine CD/DVD
Fontaine is on a new label so perhaps it will be possible now...

2) Sonic Youth/Takehisa Kosugi studio session (1999)

3) Sonic Youth Filmworks box set
(Released stuff like Made in U.S.A. and Demonlover and unreleased stuff like Things behind the sun and Nudist Guerrilla).

4) Sonic Youth/Mats Gustafson/Michel Doneda/Jean-Marc Monterra (2007)

Something else?

ZEROpumpkins 08.02.2008 06:33 AM

Sonic Youth w/ Big Youth:
SRY9: Big Sonic Youth, Jah?

In Jamacian

greedrex 08.02.2008 07:11 AM

i would like some syr 1 and 2 related jam that would be recent

Jef Mertens 08.02.2008 07:28 AM

I'd prefer SYR9 to be the brigitte fontaine/zareski collaboration cd/dvd or LP/dvd. language braille

SYR10 would be the Soundtrack box for sure.

SYR11 a new studio recording

atsonicpark 08.02.2008 07:39 AM

stirred, not shaken

blunderbuss 08.02.2008 07:40 AM

Filmworks - on vinyl

atsonicpark 08.02.2008 07:42 AM

venetian snares doing sonic youth remixes

batreleaser 08.02.2008 09:16 AM


_slavo_ 08.02.2008 09:43 AM

with fries

greenlight 08.02.2008 10:03 AM

hmm, hard to choose. paris one was great. pity that Lee had problems with his guitar. it was great anyway. soundtrack boxet should be released anyway no? any unheard studio session sounds great to me. would be pity not to release it.

SYRFox 08.02.2008 03:40 PM

I'd say that SY / Takehisa Kosugi session

HaydenAsche 08.02.2008 06:08 PM

Medium Rare Please.

Dead-Air 08.02.2008 06:23 PM

Given anything I want, I'd love for them to do something along the lines of SYR 3 with a major guest, preferably focused on guitar instrumentals. Hell, I'd be happy if it was O' Rourke again. For somebody different, how about Mayo Thompson or Sir Richard Bishop. But I'd want it fresh and not a recording they made years ago.

HECKLER SPRAY 08.02.2008 07:28 PM

Something with a lot of guitars, a lot of noises, and some improv.

RanaldoNecro 08.02.2008 08:43 PM

I am not telling them what to do, but I hear oman has a hot music scene..

viewtiful_alan 08.02.2008 08:48 PM

syr 9 should be a thurston and kim sex tape released only on laser disc.

o'connor 08.02.2008 09:00 PM

i'd like mine on vinyl only

viewtiful_alan 08.02.2008 09:01 PM

Stop reminding me that I need a record player.

washedupmachine 08.02.2008 09:41 PM

Siouxsie and Budgie with SY and rourke doing the brds or Neil Young as guest

uhler 08.02.2008 10:17 PM

sonic youth jamming with greg ginn. chuck dukowski and mike watt.

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