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Fox 03.24.2006 01:18 PM

Do you think there is any chance
For a reissue of Sonic Death, Made in USA, Master-Dik, one day? One year? Ten years?

h8kurdt 03.24.2006 01:23 PM

I bloody hope so cos apart from the geffen albums i dont have anypthers.

Kannibal 03.24.2006 01:26 PM

after band quitting there will be loads of re-releases and lives etc coming.

Fox 03.24.2006 01:27 PM

Hope so, but I'm not sure... But if it's like, good time coming :)

Kannibal 03.24.2006 01:30 PM

hehe, yes...

Fox 03.24.2006 01:35 PM

But well, I don't know, maybe these three ones are really for fans only, so may the band won't want to reissue it...

Soundtrax 03.24.2006 01:36 PM

there is no chance. :D

guitarpro 03.24.2006 02:35 PM

A Sonic Death reissue would be very cool.

wolliewollie 03.24.2006 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by guitarpro
A Sonic Death reissue would be very cool.

it would be übercool... fill the gaps in my collection.

sonicl 03.24.2006 03:06 PM

Way back when SY first signed for Geffen, there was a major re-release programme, in the UK at least, with all the Blast First stuff being re-released with extra tracks (masterdik on sister, bubblegum on evol, flower / halloween / satan is boring on BMR, and all of kill yr idols on confusion is sex). The adverts for these re-releases also said that the SY EP was going to be re-released with some live stuff and that all the stuff on the Masterdik EP was going to be released on CD for the first time.

It's only taken 15+ years for the SY EP to be re-released with its live tracks. Maybe Masterdik in 2015?

krastian 03.24.2006 03:16 PM

Is Sonic Death hard to find nowadays?

luckynumber9 03.24.2006 05:21 PM

I got the cassette version for about $5 on ebay

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