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neptuneg 04.28.2008 12:53 PM

Happy birthday, Kim!
Happy birthday!!!

stu666 04.28.2008 01:19 PM

yes Happy Birthday Kim i won't ask how old you are because that would be rude, you've still got it though ;)


✌➬ 04.28.2008 01:24 PM

Happy Birthday Kim. Most likely you won't read this.

Derek 04.28.2008 01:37 PM

It's my dad's birthday today, what a coincidence!

mil_pl 04.28.2008 01:42 PM

happy bithday Kim!

forkimified 04.28.2008 01:54 PM

Happy birthday, Kim Gordon, the punk rock idol of our times. May you continue to be sonically youthful throughout the decades to come.

syouth69 04.28.2008 02:00 PM

Happy Birthday !!!

SonicBebs 04.28.2008 02:04 PM

happy birthday Derek!

greenlight 04.28.2008 02:18 PM

is it Kim's B-day today?

happy b-day Kim!

Derek 04.28.2008 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by SonicBebs
happy birthday Derek!

Don't you mean

happy birthday Derek's dad!

My dad is also around the same age as Kim, this is getting TOO creepy!

✌➬ 04.28.2008 02:24 PM

Why, because kim is so much cooler. Kidding.

SonicBebs 04.28.2008 02:49 PM


Originally Posted by Derek
Don't you mean

happy birthday Derek's dad!

My dad is also around the same age as Kim, this is getting TOO creepy!

must be needing glasses. Happy Birthday Dereks Dad

has your Dad got shoulder length blonde hair? And Bass fingers?

LNC 04.28.2008 02:51 PM

HB, Kim...!

Rob Instigator 04.28.2008 03:01 PM

Happy Birthday to my rock goddess Kim Gordon

I love you


toxic johnny 04.28.2008 03:04 PM


marleypumpkin 04.28.2008 03:09 PM

"Everyday girl
They Blow Away
For you today
Sing yr birthday
Yr birthday blues
Sing yr wildlife
Wildflowers bloom
& they will not forget you"

Happy B-day Kim!

SYRFox 04.28.2008 03:16 PM

Re-Happy Birthday

screamingskull 04.28.2008 03:16 PM

Happy Birthday


Sonic Youth 37 04.28.2008 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by screamingskull
Happy Birthday


You beat me to it. anyway...

Happy Birthday Kim!

Rob Instigator 04.28.2008 03:37 PM

it loks llike she is blowing out the candles on a happy birthday CHOUT cake!

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