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golden child 03.23.2006 10:09 PM

NO FUN FEST 06 DVD (chabib read this!)
so you get footage this year?
gonna release it?

id love to see it.

there was a DVD last year wasnt there?
its OOP isnt it?

anyone wanna torrent it?
(unless you dont want us to)

to many questions?

i mostly wanna see the macronympha footage if you got any
but any footage would be boss

chabib 03.23.2006 10:41 PM

there was a ltd edition version released at the fest last year of the first year. i made 100 of 'em.

load is releasing a 2-dvd set that i made of the first 2 years. it should be out by may/june i'd suspect.
it comes with mp3s of all of the performances on the dvds and ipod-ready videos of a bunch of them.
pretty solid package. sightings was taken off of the first year's disc and replaced with alan licht's 1970.

if you torrent my stuff, please don't post the links here.

golden child 03.23.2006 10:43 PM

wow sounds like a cool deal

pokkeherrie 03.24.2006 11:58 AM

sounds awesome indeed... do you have any plans with all the atp footage you have?

chabib 03.24.2006 12:13 PM

i'm no longer associated with ATP.

next step 03.24.2006 12:16 PM

do you know if it will be shipped worldwide?

chabib 03.24.2006 12:20 PM

i'm pretty sure that load has international distro now.

chabib 03.24.2006 12:52 PM

i totally cheated. people kept deducting my points, so i robbed a 7-11, sold a bunch of crack to infants and robbed busta rhymes' possee's bling.

it got me 100,000 points.

Toilet & Bowels 03.24.2006 11:06 PM

that's a shame sightings got ousted. (i like sightings a lot but i'm not really a fan of licht). nonetheless it sounds like an amazing package and i will pick it up the moment it comes out.

Everyneurotic 03.24.2006 11:31 PM


Originally Posted by next step
do you know if it will be shipped worldwide?

i bought lightning bolt's hypermagic mountain vinyl straight from the load store and they shipped it to mexico

chabib 03.24.2006 11:49 PM

sightings were being a little less than helpful.

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