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Pookie 04.05.2008 05:47 PM

Black Flag vs Circle Jerks
In the latest 'favourite Black Flag singer' thread I very rashly said that Circle Jerks were better than Black Flag.

Then I was reminded of this:


So, who made the worse records, latter day Circle Jerks (Wonderful, VI, Oddities...), or latter day Black Flag (Slip It In, Loose Nut, In My Head).

Ponder the question over a nice cup of tea.

batreleaser 04.05.2008 09:30 PM

circle jerks, i like some latter day black flag, slip it in is good and the process of weeding out rules.

uhler 04.05.2008 09:53 PM

does this include my war? if so def. black flag. even if it doesn't black flag. i never liekd the circle jerks after golden shower of hits.

Death & the Maiden 04.05.2008 11:22 PM

Black Flag. Circle Jerks are one of my favourite bands.

sarramkrop 04.06.2008 08:25 AM

Tough one. Ultimately it would be a mixture of the two.

Toilet & Bowels 04.07.2008 02:30 AM

in my head has some great songs on it.

Everyneurotic 04.07.2008 07:49 PM

black flag, even in their dodginess, were experimenting for artistic merits.

the circle jerks, while hilarious and never failing to be entertaining, just really dried up, their riffs were stale and unoriginal and the jokes weren't funny anymore. i mean even keith said that he just wasn't into the band anymore so he just wrote whatever came to his head and started to playing slower because it requires less effort.

still, i urge everyone to locate their live album gig, if only for it being entertainingly mediocre.

uhler 04.10.2008 01:56 PM

you know after seeing tobi vail's loose nut shirt, i decided to go back and check out loose nut (it's been about ten years) and that album isn't half bad. i used to hate it when i was younger. modern man has one heavy as fuck intro.

nicfit 11.07.2011 04:56 AM


E. Noisefield 11.07.2011 10:29 AM

Black Flag. There is no comparison. Circle Jerks are good, but come on.

Better to compare BF to Minor Threat or DK is you really want to get to the heart of things.

Dude McDude 11.07.2011 10:47 AM

Black Flag were better than circle jerks, but the former were at their prime when Morris sang for them. Rollins wasn't bad either, though. (On a side note, if i was him i would be really sick of being refered to as the lead singer of a band that called it quits for some 25 years ago or so...)

Be sure to check out circle jerks cameo as a lounge band in repo man. Good stuff.

keep poppin pimples 11.07.2011 04:09 PM

i used to love black flag as a teenager but honestly i think almost all their material sucks now

ann ashtray 11.07.2011 04:31 PM

Black Flag murders Minor Threat (who I dislike) as well as Circle Jerks (who I do like). I don't really rank Black Flag with the whole DC hardcore scene, even if Rollins came from that area. Black Flag, for me, drew the blue print for what would become hardcore...but didn't just stop there. They went on to explore several different approaches to music. Much more experimental than what most punk rock fans are typically willing to give them credit for (but then again, many punk fans, and especially hardcore fans, tend not to embrace experimental approaches to music).

Black Flag are one of my favorite bands.

Also, once upon a time I did like Minor Threat. I think they are a good band for the kids. I just can't get into Ian any more.

Shit, if it hadn't been for "My War" era Flag, who knows what the Melvins would have went on to do.

nicfit 11.07.2011 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by foreverasskiss
Damn!!! that's funny, think I know that dude. anyway...

he's in the moving pictures in the magic box in the living room!

Dude McDude 11.08.2011 04:59 AM

Is that the redneck from walking dead?

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