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mil_pl 01.23.2008 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by rappard
Kim's Bedroom (exact date is 03/18/00, I taped the Thurston solo set).

Was the documentary you mentioned ever released on DVD? Short review here:

no no the dvd realese, i got the documentary movie, i need this show live video or mp3... can you upload this ??? :)

alphi 01.23.2008 04:08 PM

The photo of Prime Cuts CD :


And also a bigger photo of the sleeve:


All the photos from the other thread can be downloaded here.

Chris Lawrence 01.23.2008 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by Dan Evol
Free Kitten with DJ Spooky - Red Vinyl also available in Black Vinyl

I always wondered why these 3 songs were released on a 12", until I bought "Sentimental Education" on vinyl and realized those 3 songs were nowhere to be found!

Thanks for the info, folks, keep it coming! :)

nicfit 01.27.2008 05:49 AM



ZEROpumpkins 01.27.2008 06:24 AM

Just lemme know when you update the DIY free stuff, that'd be grand.

emobear 01.27.2008 06:19 PM


Originally Posted by nicfit



andycherry 02.01.2008 01:45 AM


Originally Posted by fluxequalsrad
I want an SYR bag! :(

i'm looking at that bag now, i got it at the SYR show@cat's cradle in 2000.
i didn't realize how long ago that was.


stu666 02.01.2008 01:49 PM

Turn it up! Turn it up! cd that came with i dreamed of noise book



stu666 02.01.2008 01:51 PM


stu666 02.01.2008 01:55 PM

sonic life book with cd


stu666 02.01.2008 02:07 PM

sonic life book with 7''




syouth69 02.01.2008 06:43 PM

I've never seen before ... Z1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQtrksidZp1638.m118.l1247QQcmdZ ViewItem

stu666 02.12.2008 02:46 AM

different artwork for disappearer cd single:


the cd has same tracks as 12" version


also this panel has extra lights on it


original panel

a couple of the other panels are different colours but apart from that the rest are the same

radarmaker 02.12.2008 07:29 AM

That's one's already listed:

stu666 02.14.2008 07:46 AM

dirty boots promo 7"

stu666 02.22.2008 07:43 PM


Originally Posted by Dan Evol
Sonic Youth - Disapearer - 10" vinyl


same cover and track listing as the 12" vinyl

I just found out there was a Brother James 10" on red wax from 1985. Im trying to get a pic of it.
I think it was fan club only much like the Warpower 7" with 2 live tracks.

Are you sure this is a 10" version? Do you own this or have you seen it?

Brother James 10" was a bootleg which you can find in the discography section

stu666 02.22.2008 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by Dan Evol
i actually own the 10 inch. i found a copy on ebay about a year ago and bought it. its very rare. even more so than the 12".

cool, i never knew there was a 10" of Disappearer is it just black vinyl then?

nicfit 02.23.2008 05:19 AM


Originally Posted by Dan Evol
Sonic Youth - Gila Monster Jamboree DVD ?
I just found this on
Apop records has several copies for $17. Is this official or bootleg? It says the label "Archival" released the DVD in 2008?

sounds pretty "suspicious" to me...

jetengine 02.23.2008 10:31 AM

Close to ten years ago, I came across a listing for a Little Trouble Girl 10-inch somewhere on the net--it was classified as 'official'; and I've been hearing rumours of a Diamond Sea 12-inch for years.

jetengine 02.24.2008 02:15 AM

What I'm wondering now is, If such releases actually were official, why don't they ever turn up on ebay, amazon, Gemm, etc....? Surely there must have been enough copies pressed so that the occasional one would pop up. I mean, you can come across the Sugar Kane 12-inch and even the 'Silver Rocket' split 7-inch with The Miracle Workers from time to time--and they're pretty rare, but why not these others...?

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