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shentov 03.23.2006 08:34 AM

Superfuzz/Tamago/Slimeseeker- noise piece. check it out.

Superfuzz [me] - guitar, cables in my mouth, bunch of pedals ran thru an old radio
Tamago - programming, digi noises
Slimeseeker - programming [he cut the lovely noise piece and now it sounds like gabba house], guitar

the piece is called 'derivatives levels were not affected drastically'
enjoy and let me know whatcha think.


shentov 03.23.2006 09:28 AM

c'mon over!

Magublafix 03.23.2006 09:52 AM

sry.. but i don't like it very much in my opinion the different sections sounds too similar and so its boring after 1 minute or so.. but some parts a really nice

shentov 03.23.2006 10:34 AM

hey! i dont like it a lot too. thats what goes wrong when youre dealing with industrial people. and it's just digitally fucked improvisation. imo it sounds better natural, but Tamago wanted it that way.

Magublafix 03.23.2006 10:40 AM

;-) do you have a record of the natural one too, if you have it please give me the link...

shentov 03.23.2006 11:19 AM

damn no. Slimeseeker fucked it up when i was drunk and left it 'edited' like this. damn electro hippies.
both these dudes have some good pieces though:

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