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!@#$%! 11.05.2007 05:23 PM

Kh - Inpotentia
no, this is not some release from some famous label. last month or so i was in nueva york and one night i get into the union square subway and there is this guy playing his acoustic guitar with a tiny amp that i'm not sure was plugged to anything, but anyway, he's playing and there's this circle of people listening and im getting into it, a weird mix of spastic-mellow, it reminded me a bit of six organs of admittance, but this is just 1 guy; so to make a long story short i ended up paying $5 for his CDR called inpotentia. turns out the guy is japanese and is touring the new york subway stations.

so im cleaning my office early & i dust off his cdr and im playing it right now; im not claiming this is genius, i just thought it'd be interesting for some of you. here's his myspace

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