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marleypumpkin 03.23.2006 01:49 AM

I was listening to XM radio one day, & I came across the beyond jazz station, & they were playing this group called Snowboy. I don't remember the name of the track, but it was off of the album "Jazzacid". & I have to tell you, I was very impressed. Does anybody else like this group? Can anyone give me some info on this group? Can anyone make a suggestion on which album to buy first? Thanks for your help.

dietzer123 03.23.2006 01:58 AM

i've only heard the album mambo rage but it's pretty damn good. i'd suggest it. lots of good conga

marleypumpkin 03.23.2006 02:04 AM

The track that I heard sounded very noise oriented. Llike SY, but w/ more jazz style drumming.

dietzer123 03.23.2006 02:12 AM

mambo rage is more straight up afro-cuban with dance grooves sorta thing.

marleypumpkin 03.23.2006 02:17 AM

Well, I'm definetly going to have to pick some stuff of theirs up. 'Cuz the way your describing them, & the way I'm describing them, makes it sound like their very musically diverse. It sounds like they don't stick to one certain type of music.

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