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RoadkillKid 07.16.2007 06:15 PM

"1991: The year punk broke" in full on google video

coastrat 07.17.2007 12:41 AM

Jesus, I don't know whether to thank you or hit you. I just watched that whole video for the first time since my friend, Hudson, stole my original VHS copy in 1992 back in Mississippi.

I remember making mix tapes with songs from that video. I had the VCR hooked up to my stereo and thought I was cool. I was, but not because of that.

Androol 07.18.2007 07:32 AM

why would you hit him?

frades 07.18.2007 08:10 AM

it's incredible to find this whole video on the net. are there other valuable videos of SY than "the year punk broke" and GOO?
other question: why has the DVD "corporated ghost" the whole "GOO" video in his first part? if you already got it you don't need it twice..!??

Androol 07.18.2007 02:37 PM

we have all GOT to pool our resources and get a copy of weathermen 69

Disgruntled Youth 07.18.2007 06:03 PM

I have it on mpeg file!!!

Androol 07.19.2007 10:01 AM


Originally Posted by Disgruntled Youth
I have it on mpeg file!!!

weathermen 69?!?! we HAVE to hook that shit up. i havent seen it in almost 15 years!!

✌➬ 03.29.2008 02:03 AM

I am bumping it, just so those who haven't seen it can do.

avantgarde1 03.29.2008 04:55 PM

ugh, i use to own a VHS of weatherman 69 (bought it in a record store in san diego). and upon watching it i sold it on ebay promptly... for 3 times what i paid for it bwahahahaha! god that movie sucks.

barnaclelapse 03.29.2008 09:52 PM

Never seen it myself.

Clearly though, I'm missing out on something good.

deflinus 03.30.2008 02:07 PM

its real good stuff. and its a shame its not out on dvd.. yet.

there was this outtake video on youtube that i REALLY liked with Thurston screaming and stuff. but its gone. that sucks.

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