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MELTEDMAILBOX 03.22.2006 12:10 PM

melted mailbox experimental vinyl singles club
noise / idm / psyche / avant -----

an experimental singles club featuring all unreleased music.
you get mailed to you: 6 one-sided etched 12" LPs w/ handmade packaging.

you also get: stickers / pins / a box to put everything in / cdrs / a membership card / some seriously amazing surprises / the joy of participating in this incredible limited edition project.

consider subscribing:

only 600 total subscriptions available (& they are going fast!)

ltd. etched LPs from:
-ariel pink's haunted graffiti
-arrington de dionyso (from old time relijun)
-carlos giffoni
-dino felipe
-keith fullerton whitman
+ some amazing surprises!!

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