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!@#$%! 03.26.2007 11:05 AM

bardo pond LPs -- where??
so i find myself listening to a lot of bardo pond mp3s lately and that's an injustice-- i mUST pay-- (and i want quality audio dammit!)

so i've been looking for LPs but the matador site only carries CDs, which don't please me as much due to its flimsy cheapass format.

the question:

are there any places to buy bardo pond LPs besides ebay? (i dont trust ebay much...)

also/finally/another question -- bufo alvarius was never released as an lp, wazzit?


sonicl 03.26.2007 11:10 AM

This is all I have time for:

Savage Clone 03.26.2007 11:11 AM

Bufo was released on LP; I bought it when it came out. The CD version comes with a 24 minute non-LP track, though.

Savage Clone 03.26.2007 11:12 AM

Eclipse Records mailorder carries a lot of their stuff.

!@#$%! 03.26.2007 11:18 AM



Savage Clone 03.26.2007 11:21 AM

It looks like Eclipse only has CDs right now, and so does Rustic Rod.
Maybe Volcanic Tongue?
There are a couple of local shops here who carry their stuff and might have vinyl; Treehouse and Roadrunner Records in Mpls.

!@#$%! 03.26.2007 11:24 AM

yeah matador has all CDs

apparently the site sonicl posted (i had ran into it earlier but didn't realize it sold stuff) is run by the band itself-- however they promise stuff in "3 to 5 weeks" (tee hee) and encourage you to go to insound, which carries cds mostly except for dilate.

i guess i can wait 5 weeks for a 1995 release if they have it...// OH NO THEY DONT-- mostly pillowcases ha ha

i might have to cave & go w/ one of those ebay operators...

Toilet & Bowels 03.26.2007 12:16 PM

there's always midheaven, fusetron, aquarius, amazon. for what it's worth i've only had one bad experience with ebay out of maybe 100 transactions

!@#$%! 03.26.2007 01:10 PM

ah, i had checkd midheaven + amazon before posting here but no luck (cd only); i just looked at fusetron & they dont' have a lot


thank you.

unfortunately im not allowed to spread my butter until etc. & that goes for everyone here.

Toilet & Bowels 03.26.2007 01:48 PM

forced exposure?

Iain 03.26.2007 02:12 PM

Seriously, try ebay. I haven't had any bad transactions out of about 80. And, as it happens, two of my recent ebay purchases were copies of Lapsed and Dilate on vinyl.

!@#$%! 03.26.2007 02:13 PM

not scratched or smashed huh?

i fear the policy of no returns for defective crap.

well i'll see

thanks all!

HairwayToSteven 03.26.2007 03:08 PM

There is also this site:

Phlegmscope 03.26.2007 03:40 PM

When I tried to order bufo alvarius and some other, maybe amanita, on vinyl from scratch records, they said those were completely unavailable and couldn't even be ordered anywhere. This was around last spring.

!@#$%! 03.26.2007 04:54 PM

yes, yes, the bufo alvarius is on LP at gemm for nearly $100 (nice investment s.c., if you were willing to part with it, which i doubt); i've given up on it as well as amanita which i might order from matador in spite of its ugly format (for some reason i dislike cds more everyday).

anyway i'm gonna be ordering whatever lp is available @ normal prices i guess (lapsed, set & setting, dilate) & then fill in the holes with the, gack, CDs, unless das Klon decides to bequeath me his collection (ha ha! right!!).

gracias again.

Savage Clone 03.26.2007 05:00 PM

I had no idea it had gone up so much.
Oh well, I won't be selling it anyway, so who cares...
Eight bucks well spent!

Gulasch Noir 03.28.2007 09:47 AM

I also have Bufo Alvarius, on clear vinyl. I thought it was only pressed on clear vinyl?
I'd try e-bay too.

jon boy 03.28.2007 10:14 AM

nefeli knows somewhere i think.


Savage Clone 03.28.2007 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by Gulasch Noir
I also have Bufo Alvarius, on clear vinyl. I thought it was only pressed on clear vinyl?
I'd try e-bay too.

Mine's black.

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