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Moshe 01.31.2018 07:42 AM

Lee Ranaldo 2018 Tour dates
2018 EUROPE ELECTRIC TRIM TRIO TOUR – Lee Ranaldo, Raul Refree & Booker Stardrum:

FEB 22 FR Rennes – La Route Du Rock D’hiver / Antipode
FEB 23 FR Paris – Gonzai Night / La Maroquinerie
FEB 24 FR Tourcoing – Le Grand Mix
FEB 27 UK London – Hoxton Bar and Kitchen
FEB 28 BE Gent – Vooruit
MAR 01 NL Amsterdam – Bitterzoet
MAR 02 DE Hamburg – Kampnagel
MAR 03 DE Berlin – Roter Salon
MAR 04 DE Heidelberg – Karlstorbahnhof
MAR 06 IT Trento – Teatro SanbŕPolis
MAR 07 IT Milano – Magnolia
MAR 08 CH Winterthur – Salzhaus
MAR 09 FR Metz – Les Trinitaires
MAR 10 FR Feyzin – Epicerie Moderne
MAR 11 FR Montpellier – Victoire 2
MAR 12 ES Barcelona – Centre Artesŕ Tradicionŕrius

Lee is Free 02.01.2018 05:01 PM


My trio with Raul Refree and Booker Stardrum - we had a blast opening up the Electric Trim songs in the USA - please come out to see us in Europe and London!

greenlight 02.02.2018 01:32 PM

is there going to be another leg of european tour, or is that it what is mentioned above?

Moshe 02.07.2018 08:41 AM

greenlight 02.09.2018 09:16 AM

no FB..

Chris Lawrence 02.09.2018 01:26 PM

There's nothing on the FB page that isn't listed above, I'm afraid...

Lee is Free 02.11.2018 02:06 AM


AlSonic 02.11.2018 07:47 AM

I do Hope you have nice merch for sale Lee !! That Poster would look great on my wall !!

The Soup Nazi 02.12.2018 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by AlSonic
That Poster would look on my wall !!

I have a very special pic of Lee on my fridge's door. :)

greenlight 02.13.2018 01:52 AM

i just noticed he is playing in Heidelberg. interesting..

skinnypaul 02.17.2018 11:01 AM

Monday, February 26, 2018 7:00 PM 10:00 PM

Lee is Free 02.19.2018 12:41 AM


sy2004 02.19.2018 05:44 AM

Tourcoing, here I come ;-)

The Soup Nazi 02.20.2018 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by skinnypaul

I really hope this bad boy will eventually get a DVD release. And by "eventually" I mean less than the FOUR years it took Apocalypse: A Bill Callahan Tour Film By Hanly Banks to see the light of the laser. (Ultimately, Apocalypse's release was pretty cool, though, as it was bundled with a Record Store Day-only 12": ).

sy2004 02.26.2018 03:52 AM

Tourcoing was a very nice tiny location.
It was quite amazing yet again to see and hear the band transforming each Electric Trim song to sort of totally different songs. Sonic vibes are never far away.
I only wonder why Purloined has not been on any setlist so far?

sy2004 03.11.2018 05:56 AM

Prayers were heard, Purloined finally made the setlist in Germany ;-)

Chris Lawrence 03.19.2018 12:55 PM


hipster_bebop_junkie 03.20.2018 01:04 PM

Apparently, Lee will be playing in Perú on May 15th.

nicfit 03.26.2018 12:46 PM

MY CAT IS AN ALIEN show with Lee playing a flag solo (and not just that)

The Soup Nazi 03.26.2018 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by nicfit
MY CAT IS AN ALIEN show with Lee playing a flag solo (and not just that)

NOICE. Thank you!

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