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greenlight 01.16.2018 01:47 AM

RIP Dolores O’Riordan
since Ireland is so close to my heart and internet is so full of it this morning.

gosh, so young.

did not know she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I knew she had alcohol problem, but did not know it was related to her depression. last time I heard about her was on radio news in Irl. I think, couple years ago, when she was escorted from Aerlingus flight by police because of a fight or something with fly attendant on a flight from States while drunk.

theres a pattern there. another to go.

anyways, Rip Dolores.

noisereductions 01.16.2018 08:30 AM

Really sad

Toilet & Bowels 01.19.2018 04:05 PM

What's going to happen on this board when Kenny G dies?

greenlight 01.22.2018 01:38 AM

Kenny G will never die

Genteel Death 01.22.2018 07:07 AM

I'm saving all my tears for the day Billy Corgan dies.

RanaldoNecro 01.24.2018 09:17 PM

She was actually recording with Andy Rourke ex of Smiths when she passed.

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