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Toilet & Bowels 12.04.2017 05:24 AM

Ashley Paul Ensemble
The excellent musician Ashley Paul has an ensemble and they are performing at Cafe Oto tomorrow night. One of the members of the ensemble is Thurston Moore. I guess TM's inclusion in the ensemble is not being trumpeted as a highlight (although neither is it being concealed) so I imagine he'll be doing what Ashley Paul wants him to do, which is an interesting prospect. Also, I guess it means don't come if Ashley Paul is not your bag.

A song by Ashley Paul:

The Soup Nazi 12.06.2017 10:09 PM

This must have been something! I love Ashley Paul, especially her Heat Source album.


Toilet & Bowels 12.07.2017 04:56 PM

Turned out this wasn't so much as a collaboration or an Ashley Paul style thing but an ensemble playing the music of the composer Mary Jane Leach, who I hadnever heard of before, it wuz gud.

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