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noisereductions 10.09.2017 03:32 PM

Interesting observations on the Sensational Fix discography
so the discography in the Sensational Fix book, I've always considered it pretty "official" by the band. With that in mind, there's a few interesting things I've noticed that I thought were worth discussion.

I'm referring to the chronoligical timeline of all the albums, singles and EP's that is on pages 284-286.

Assuming that yes, this is the band's own listing of their official discography then I thought this stuff was worth pointing out:

1. Walls Have Ears is considered part of their official discography by the band. Even if they didn't want it released and it was deleted quickly, they've still thought it worth listing here.

2. The White(y) Album, though attributed to Ciccone Youth is still listed as an SY album.

3. SYR5 is listed here rather than as a side-project. Even if Kim is the only SY-er to appear, it's interesting that they'd still include it here. I've always felt it works as a pretty cool counterpoint to NYCG&F personally.

4. Melbourne Direct is also listed as a SY release, though the vinyl doesn't say SY. I find that interesting as something like "Without Kim" isn't listed.

5. the Prime Cuts promo is listed which seems kind of odd, as other similar promos (Past & Present) are not.

6. Hidros 3 is not listed. Obviously this is more a Mats Gustavsson album, but their name is still on the cover (sticker).

7. Likewise, the Plato's Cave album by Mike Kelley isn't listed even though their credited on the cover art.

Anyway, just some noteworthy items I picked up on...

radarmaker 10.10.2017 05:24 PM

I think it's basically lifted straight from Chris' discography on here, or at least as it stood in 2008.
To this day, I've never seen a copy of the Nevermind (What Was It Anyway) single that's mentioned in both, and in all honesty don't think it exists.

tesla69 10.12.2017 07:06 PM

Chris' page says:
This was to be the 1st single from "NYC Ghosts & Flowers" but it was never released. Nevermind was probably an edit, and Lightnin' was live from the All Tomorrow's Parties festival on April 8th, 2000.
Apparently a German 7" (pictured) containing "Nevermind" and "Renegade Princess" (LP versions) exists!

That would have been a tasty 7'!

greenlight 10.13.2017 04:00 AM

this just reminds me to re-listen SYR - 5 which I have not listen to in a long, long time and before only once or twice.

I am happy I own copy of Melbourne direct too, which is pretty cool release.

noisereductions 10.13.2017 07:41 AM

yeah I have that Melbourne Direct as well. I haven't actually listened to it in YEARS though because frankly, I don't listen to vinyl very often.

radarmaker 10.14.2017 06:25 AM


Originally Posted by tesla69
Apparently a German 7" (pictured) containing "Nevermind" and "Renegade Princess" (LP versions) exists!

That would have been a tasty 7'!

Yep. I can happily believe that a single was planned but, until I see any hard evidence, strongly suspect that the supposed German 7" is just a mis-reporting of the Free City Rhymes / Renegade Princess 7" (which, fwiw, is also of somewhat dubious provenence but at least does exist).

Chris Lawrence 10.15.2017 04:40 AM

You're probably right!

I think you're also right about that discog basically being constructed from my site, though some of the things included are curious as NR pointed out. I'm not positive who assembled that portion of the book. The list of songs on the previous pages is from my site as well and contains a lot of duplication via alternate titles, etc.

Toilet & Bowels 10.15.2017 05:55 PM

I listened to SYR5 quite a few times but never warmed to it, does anyone here get a lot out of that record?

noisereductions 10.15.2017 08:30 PM


Originally Posted by Toilet & Bowels
I listened to SYR5 quite a few times but never warmed to it, does anyone here get a lot out of that record?

I do but it took me years.

Chris Lawrence 10.15.2017 09:22 PM

I think the Kim/Ikue/Olive group could have made a very interesting live record, particularly when they were playing with Jim. Does anyone have any recordings of that quartet?

noisereductions 10.15.2017 09:25 PM

The live bits of the SYR5 group briefly shown in Silver Rockets/Cool Things are awesome.

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