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The Soup Nazi 08.16.2017 06:49 PM

'England Is Mine': an "unauthorized biopic of Morrissey's pre-Smiths years" ler+

Disclaimer (or pre-emptive strike, really, since there's a bunch of Morrissey haters around here): this isn't an endorsement; I haven't even seen the flick yet! Anyway, apparently the Linder Sterling character is featured quite prominently (as she should), and this reminds me of what she told Simon Reynolds when he interviewed Linder for Rip It Up And Start Again:


SR: Have you seen 24 Hour Party People?

LS: I didn't go and see it. I saw an early shoot, and Morrissey and I were in it, and our lines were so abysmal I just got hold of a legal friend to write a really scary letter saying, "I have to be removed from this film". So I was removed from the film. And I haven't seen it. Maybe one day.

So perhaps the script was better this time. Or the filmmakers didn't bother to show "early shoots" to anyone portrayed. Or Linder just doesn't care anymore. In any event, yes, 24 Hour Party People was abysmal indeed although the scene in which Stephen Morris, one of my very favorite drummers of all time (the Joy Division guy, not the one in New Order, that's another dude ;):D) is drumming on the roof and everybody drives off and forgets him is pretty hilarious. Asked about that bit, Morris simply said, "That's a load of bollocks". :)

evollove 08.16.2017 07:06 PM

Or the producers this time told Linder to fuck off.

The recreation of 70s Manchester intrigues me, but I couldn't even finish the trailer. Simply put, I didn't recognize Morrissey in it. Or maybe I have a Morrissey in my head I don't anyone to tamper with.

I'm going to watch it, fast forwarding to establishing shots and other scenic material, and skipping the rest.

dirty bunny 08.17.2017 07:25 PM

A Morrissey biopic????? Oh my God. I don't know if this delights or horrifies me. I love the man's music but he himself seems like a pretentious dick so I don't know that I'd want to know more about him. If that makes sense. Like, don't meet your heroes...

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