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Severian 09.19.2017 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by d.sound
well said. a clip of bull in the heather was the very first sy i heard. those plucking sounds were so cool i was already a fan. then some of diamond sea and then junkies promise on a late night show. i had to save up a little to afford the WM cd. what a wait. i was a fan before i even heard a whole album. remember those ads from columbia house where you get 10 cds for a penny? i got bad moon, evol, sister, ciccone, and goo all at once. so fucking awesome.

Yeah, I remember, but I do not recall having much SY in my Columbia house order forms. Hmm. I know there was Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails and John Mellencamp (+/- Couger), and a lot of other really big stuff, but I don't have any memories of seeing SY in any of those forms. Plus, those things were massive fucking scams.

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