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noisereductions 07.31.2017 03:14 PM

The Year Punk Broke: 25 years later
I just read something about how there's going to be a screening of The Year Punk Broke in London soon to celebrate 25 year anniversary. That got me to thinking about something I've wondered for years... why was there never a soundtrack release? It seems so obvious: put all those performances on a soundtrack. Maybe licensing was too tricky?

Rob Instigator 07.31.2017 04:30 PM

Probably. If Nirvana had never gotten "famous" famous then it would have been easier to do (i.e. cheaper)

confusion is next 07.31.2017 04:44 PM

also could be interesting to do a The Year Punk Broke made in U.K...but that's another story

noisereductions 08.31.2017 09:43 AM

I made a playlist on Spotify of all the album versions of the tracks that were performed live in the movie. It's solid.

Sonic Youth Schizophrenia
–Nirvana Negative Creep
–Sonic Youth Brother James
–Nirvana School
–Sonic Youth Teenage Riot
–Dinosaur Jr. Freak Scene
–Babes In Toyland Dustcake Boy
–Sonic Youth Dirty Boots
–Nirvana Endless, Nameless
–Sonic Youth I Love Her All The Time
–Gumball (2) Pre
–Dinosaur Jr. The Wagon
–Sonic Youth Mote
–Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit
–The Ramones* Commando
–Sonic Youth Kool Thing
–Nirvana Polly
–Sonic Youth Expressway To Yr Skull

Genteel Death 08.31.2017 10:21 AM

Shame I couldn't go to the screening/Q&A because I had family visiting on that date. I forwarded the details to Melly and I think he went.

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