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Bertrand 07.29.2017 07:32 AM

Gigs you thought you'd go to, eventually missed and wished you had gone to
Gigs you thought you'd go to, eventually missed and wished you had gone to...

When I check the What gigs are you going to in the coming months? thread I can't help thinking of missed opportunities. So there...

When Nirvana came to Paris, with Television Personalities as an opening act, I thought about going, took too long and believed the venue would be sold out. I thought "so what" and rested sure they'll be back less than two years after that. But then Kurt Cobain shot himself.

I thought about going to see Sun Kil Moon in Paris two years ago and thought that Jesu would be the main act. I don't know Jesu. All I know's that it's a whatshisname project, by a former Napalm Death founder, who had a record released as Sweet Tooth (that I listened to and didn't like).
I wasn't too fond of the idea of that order and decided I wouldn't go.
I wish I hadn't and will take a two day holiday to see SKM in Paris this november.

Same reason: the most interesting band being the opening act and me not wanting to stay for a band I wasn't interested in the least... Mercury Rev came to Paris right after their first album, while Baker was still their singer, and I didn't buy a ticket.
The Levellers were the main act.

evollove 07.29.2017 08:59 AM

Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros

He played a venue a few blocks from me. I thought to go. Didn't. He died a few months later.


Drjohnrock 07.29.2017 05:29 PM

Graham Parker and The Rumour--during their initial run. But they were opening for Journey so I said "no way, I'll get the chance to see them again". Well, I didn't, either back in the day or during the recent reunion. Now that GP has seemingly quashed the idea of any further gigs with The Rumour, it looks like I never will get the chance :( I've seen Parker a couple of times as a solo act, he was fine and I certainly recommend seeing him, but I really wish I had seen him with The Rumour backing him.

Similar story with Rockpile. They were opening for Blondie, a band I have no use for. Not long thereafter the Lowe/Edmunds split happened.

Ramones and The Cramps. More than one occasion. "Naw, I'm busy, there'll be other chances to see them"

Kenny Rankin--either unknown or repulsive to most on the board. But I saw him back in the day, one of my very first concerts, and he was fine. He came to my town a few years ago but I was busy with work/family, also thought the tickets were too expensive. He died shortly thereafter. The show I missed was the last one he ever played.

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