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Rob Instigator 06.22.2017 03:01 PM

Jim Sclavunos interview

The Soup Nazi 06.30.2017 10:28 PM

Badass! :)

tesla69 07.01.2017 07:29 AM


...There were other bands I found vitally interesting: Mars, DNA, The Contortions, Theoretical Girls, and Red Transistor. Those were the ones I gravitated to. I was looking for something different. The Ramones were kind of different but not different enough. Television were definitely not different enough. Talking Heads were different until they got Jerry Harrison in the band, and then they sounded totally normal. When they were a three piece, they were absolutely bizarre...

Drjohnrock 07.01.2017 02:57 PM

I think that Talking Heads did at least one 45 as a three piece. But that's being pedantic. Great interview.

greenlight 07.03.2017 02:19 PM

thanks for sharing!

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