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noisereductions 05.26.2017 09:33 AM

The Set Listener (setlists to Spotify playlist thing)
I've used this a bit for a while now. Like, if you're in the mood for a band but want a kind of random playlist.

You type in a band's name, and it finds their most recent setlist and converts it into a Spotify playlist. As best it can anyway. Obviously it can't do anything about songs not on Spotify. But it does make for neat on the fly playlists.

It's neat because in the case of broken up bands, you get an instant "final show" playlist. Here's SY:

Brave Men Run (In My Family)
Death Valley '69
Sacred Trickster
Calming the Snake
'Cross the Breeze
Drunken Butterfly
Starfield Road
Sugar Kane
Teen Age Riot

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