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Toilet & Bowels 05.26.2017 05:27 AM

New(ish) Bands with an SY Influence
How long has the board been going? 16 years? I can't believe we don't have a thread for this already....

Post links to relatively new bands you come across who to your ear have some SYish qualities, whatever they may be.

Me first!

LA Witch

These guys are from LA and sound like fans of Bad Moon Rising LP, along with stuff like the Cramps. The girl who plays guitar can really play guitar, and the rhythm section are strong too. I saw them tear the roof off a packed out small venue in London earlier this year, I don't think they are a band who will be playing that size of show for long. If you are too impatient to watch all 30mins of the video I linked fast forward to the song starts around 10m 30s.

Toilet & Bowels 05.26.2017 05:53 AM

Black Spirituals

It seems these guys from Oakland have been around for a few years but they only came to my attention last October when I saw them at Cafe Oto. If Thurston and Lee's improv records are your thing then I would strongly advise you to dip in here. Super duper next level shit, some of the highest level of improvising I've ever seen. There was staggering depth and sensitivity in their playing.

Toilet & Bowels 05.26.2017 06:16 AM

Silver Dick

I'm looking forward to seeing these guys play in a couple of weeks, if you like the looser moments of Sonic Death I'm sure you'll find plenty to get a boner for with the three mancunian humans.

Severian 05.26.2017 08:38 AM

I'm pretty sure we talked about something akin to this not too long ago. Maybe it was "Most SY-esque albums" or something. But it probably involves discussion of artists that were already either broken up (Women), painfully well-known (Deerhunter), or had long since turned to absolute butternut shite (...Trail of Dead).

Anyway, I agree. This is a very good idea for an ongoing thread, and it should probably be stickied to the top of this forum.

That said, I can't think of anyone new(ish) off the top of my head who sounds like Sonic Youth in 2017. So this might sink like a stone too. I will give it some thought though, and return with hopefully a recommendation or two.

Diesel 06.05.2017 05:17 AM

^I'm liking LA Witch

Rats On Rafts - Their LP Tape Hiss has a bad Moon Rising vibe going on.

SYRFox 06.05.2017 06:45 AM

you guys got me with the BMR references, going to check LA Witch and Rats on Rafts out

Diesel 06.15.2017 06:58 AM


Kuhb 06.15.2017 08:39 AM

I dare say Speedy Ortiz own some Sonic Youth records

greenlight 06.15.2017 11:12 PM

cheers for the tips. i am going to check them out.

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