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noisereductions 05.05.2017 12:08 AM

Judging albums based on first and last songs
I've been thinking about this for a while . In short, next album you grab, preferably one you are not familiar with, listen to the first and last song and post your impressions of that album based on only those two songs.

Or inversely, pick an album you know and then base what you think your opinion of it would be on only those two songs.


Kuhb 05.05.2017 07:55 AM

Doolittle first and last song... best album ever!

Whole album... best album ever!

Severian 05.05.2017 08:11 AM

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, first and last songs:

"Eh... probably not something a hip-hop fan needs to spend much time with."

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, complete album:

"Everyone who cares about hip-hop needs to listen to nothing but this album for at least a year."


Severian 05.05.2017 08:12 AM

Yeezus, first and last songs:

"I just died of awesomeness."

Yeezus, complete album:

"I would die from awesomeness but I want to keep listening to this so I need to stay alive."

evollove 05.05.2017 02:00 PM

I'll play for real later, but I just want to point out that EVERY SY opener is a gem, and nearly every closer. If I needed to make a mix in a hurry, I'd just grab Track 1 off each album and be satisfied.

Bytor Peltor 05.05.2017 04:50 PM

The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars

Five Years

Rock & Roll Suicide


I still find the opening drum beats to, Five Years, just as haunting today as I did when I first purchased the cassette back when I was in 7th grade. It tells a story of impending doom = growing up and what is to become of our life.

Rock & Roll Suicide is one of the greatest ending songs of all time. Many say it's Bowies (answer) to the Beatles, A Day In The Life......just as epic to these ears!

Bytor Peltor 05.05.2017 04:54 PM





The Wish Tour was my first time seeing, The Cure. It was at the Woodlands, there was hail storms and the sky was a freaky orange color......Cranes opened.

Open is a classic track about being at the club, you plan on heading out the door when your friends convince you to stay just a little longer......and someone slips you X and the floor starts spinning and the next thing you know it 4am :D

With a song like Open to start the album, the perfect ending is, End = the perfect break-up song!

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