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The Soup Nazi 03.03.2017 06:15 PM

Misha Mengelberg 19352017

themawt71 03.04.2017 10:19 AM

"The Great Mengelberg"

The Soup Nazi 03.05.2017 03:47 PM

Just one reply for one of the founders of the ICP and an all-time giant of both improvised and "written" music? :confused::(:mad:

tesla69 03.20.2017 06:16 PM

real world comes first..

I hadn't learned of this death until I saw the posting.

He would come to town on a semi regular basis and play at Tonic, The Stone or old Knitting Factory, either with ICP or some other grouping, and I seem to remember seeing him solo one time.

I saw a set with Hans Bennink once, he was certainly a smart performer, but just now reading this from wikipedia ("...[he]oversaw a number of music theatre productions, which usually included a large element of absurdist humour") I can confirm he incorporated a lot of absurdism in his playing.

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