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ilduclo 02.27.2017 04:21 PM

RIP Hideo Ikeezumi
founder of PSF records

Last year, the P.S.F catalog was acquired by new LA label Black Editions in order to reissue the many out-of-print releases. Ikeezumi worked with Black Editions-found Peter Kovolos to remaster his labelís catalog to the highest available quality and bring many of them to vinyl for the first time.

guest 02.28.2017 05:20 AM

this one is hitting me so, so about it on the way to work and didn't recover. ikeezumi-san was responsible for so much of what I love on this planet, so infinite thanks to him. hope the black editions versions give him the attention he seemed so resistant to over the last 30 years, as if giving them the license was him reckoning with how substantial a legacy he's amassed.

EVOLghost 02.28.2017 04:07 PM



Savage Clone 02.28.2017 05:51 PM

Big loss, big contribution. RIP.

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