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guest 02.19.2017 07:16 AM

I think I hate posh isolation
caught croatian amor the other night and I just cannot fathom why the hype is so enormous on these guys, puce mary too is alright but really not anything my ears just hipster bullshit.


Rob Instigator 02.23.2017 04:33 PM

link to tunes please? dont know who you are talking about

guest 02.24.2017 06:24 AM

ha I was a lil bemused at the time, a bit more than I am now but

that's not the label's predominant aesthetic, it largely leans toward minimal synth and power electronics, their take on which is just agonisingly dull, seems very one dimensional/uninteresting look at old school 'woe is me' industrial. greyscale whining.

it's not all bad, like puce mary is intermittently really good and they have put out a bunch of records that are solid but croatian amor is just so half-arsed, and lust for youth sound like brits abroad, yet the adoration that gets thrown at them is beyond me.

//I'm boring

radarmaker 02.25.2017 12:10 PM

anything's better than posh isolation.

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