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Screaming Skull 02.07.2017 01:43 PM

Thurston and Iggy ‘I’ve Nothing But My Name’
Sorry if this is already in another thread...

tesla69 02.08.2017 06:16 PM

its odd, whenever I go into Rough Trade in brooklyn the white store clerks are blasting horrible derivative "hip hop" in which every other sentence contains niggah or nigger or nigga, and muthafuckka. Apparently this kind of cultural work is acceptable and not racist. the double standard is strange.

PLips 02.10.2017 06:13 PM

Igbert Popstun should be their duo's name, no doot aboot it!!

pepper_green 02.12.2017 01:01 AM

two old men like Iggy and Thurston chilling out is the coolest ever! who could get sick of this? oh, the internet.

saw this last week and was going to post but, said the hell with it. people would see it anyway.

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