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noisereductions 11.10.2016 05:07 PM

The comic book thread of comic books
when I was a 90's child, I was super into comics. Then I got "too old" for such nonsense. Fast forward a bunch of years and finally we got good film adaptations of Marvel and DC properties and I realized it's perfectly fine to read comics in your 30's so I've found myself back in the hobby.

I don't really see myself as a Collector exactly, but I do prefer physical books/issues to reading them on my tablet. Though I have read plenty on my tablet when it makes a big economic difference. But the point is I def am reading (and re-reading) them for the stories.

Mostly the way I roll is that current series I will actually pick up issue by issue if it's something that really catches my eye enough to stick with. But mostly I'll grab older series in collected trade format.

Anyway, let's use this thread to talk about comics... suggest favorites or classics or show off collections or just talk about what you're reading.

As I said I've been mostly making a comic stop once a week (and will be tonight) so I'll try to update this thread with my weekly purchases along with thoughts on whatever I'm reading that week.

Rob Instigator 11.10.2016 05:16 PM

Being an 80's kid I loved comics, and would buy them when I could. I used to love getting a bunch of old 1970's comics from cousins or people who just wanted to be rid of them.

As a kid my faves were Batman, The Hulk, and XMen. I stopped buying comics when I stopped getting an allowance (age 15 or so...)

I got into underground comics my senior year of HS and in college and collected a bunch of RAW, HATE, Crumb, Jimbo, and others like that.

I have since kept reading what I can find, ussually in collected form so I can read moire than one issue at a time.

I do not read many comics these days, as my old eyes hate the look of digitally colorized comic book pages.

Rob Instigator 11.10.2016 05:18 PM

I have complete 1st editions of these full runs

Peter Bagge - Hate
Dan Clowes - Eightball
Alan Moore - V for Vendetta
The 1987-89 DC Shadow drawn by Sienkewicz at first then Kyle Baker.

Severian 11.10.2016 06:49 PM

I'm so into Superman I almost throw the word "Kryptonian" into he mix when asked about my religious beliefs irl. I actually use Supes as a mental analogue for Jesus when the old Catholic habits (lolz) kick in. I currently read Action Comics and Superman as well as old trades.

Batman is my other big love. Was very much a DC kid, and Batman made a huge impression. I had a massive collection of Bats comics from a variety of titles in the '90s.

I collected feverishly as a kid. Stopped in high school. Started again in my early 20s. Stopped and started several times, but I'm currently an avid and regular reader of Batman and Detective Comics as well as the aforementioned Supes comics. I read Flash and Justice League here and there. Very little else that's new.

That's all I have for now but I will be frequenting this thread, you can bet your ass.

Also, my favorite artists are Tim Sale, John Romita Jr., Ben Templesmith and Frank Miller. Favorite TPB's include Batman: The Long Halloween, All-Star Superman, Dark Knight Returns/Strikes Again, the Eternals (Gaiman/Romita Jr. reboot), and a bunch of others.

noisereductions 11.10.2016 07:52 PM

I love Batman too!

alright so first up I'll let y'all know what I picked up tonight...


The Old Order Changeth - more than you ever suspected! For the first time ever, learn what really happened all those years ago when the founding Avengers turned their membership over to a set of new recruits. The recently thawed Captain America is joined by three reformed super villains - Hawkeye, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch - and a new group of Earth's Mightiest Heroes takes shape - in a story that has direct ramifications for the Avengers of today!



The Parker family is web-slinging and wall-crawling their way into your hearts and into comic shops later this year! Life is good for Peter Parker and Mary Jane; their daughter Annie is their pride and joy, they’re both working and (barely) making ends meet, they’re keeping the streets of New York City safe from super villains…you know, normal family stuff. Oh, did we mention MJ and Annie have Spider-Powers –– just like Peter?! Being Spider-Man just became a family affair...

Both of these just sounded interesting to me. I tend to gravitate towards kind of unique (but not silly) side-stories.

I also grabbed Uncanny Avengers #1 thinking it was from the new current series, but it's from the 2012 series. Not what I was after.

Normally I only pick up comics once a week, but that'll be different this week as I'm heading to RI Comic Con on Saturday. :D

Severian 11.10.2016 08:30 PM

What's with Spider-Man's Bat-Family?

I kind of hate Spider-Man.

Superman, Batman! Captain America, Daredevil! (I definitely have a type, don't I? I like the bleeding heart "Boy Scouts" and the ultraviolent orphaned vigilantes).

noisereductions 11.10.2016 08:56 PM


I have always liked Spider-Man personally. Yeah this one just sounds/weird interesting to me. Like... a Spider-Family book.

Here's what I've been reading...



Extraordinary X-Men #6 & 7 - I recently read #1-5, which made up the first TPB collection "X-Haven." And so I'm continuing on. I like this series (though not as much as X-Men '92 which I ADORE right now). If you haven't read any of it yet, the short version is that there's a mist that makes mutants sterile so Storm creates X-Haven, a sanctuary for mutants which reunites the X-Men after the unfortunate events surrounding Cyclops. Storm is in charge and much of the series is about finding all the old X-Men and bringing them together. And old man Logan is in it.


Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special is just that. Not a real issue, but a bunch of short stories, cover galleries, sketches, and even a long interview w/ Wonder Woman done by "Lois Lane." It's kind of neat as a collectible, but nothing really worth tracking down.


Scarlet Witch #2 - after two issues... I'm all set. I really can't stand the non-grid based layout and the art style doesn't do much for me. Shrug.

demonrail666 11.11.2016 03:55 AM

I started with the usual Marvel/DC but only really started collecting in my early teens with Conan's Savage Sword stuff, alongside 2000AD, till around my mid-teens.

Stopped reading comics altogether till my early 20s, when I got into Love and Rockets, Hate, Yummy Fur, Eightball, etc.

Stopped again around my mid 20s until I started reading graphic novel reissues of Sandman in my early 30s and other occasional graphic novels like From Hell.

Got heavily into Grant Morrison for a while, stuff like The Invisibles. And I loved what he did with Superman.

Back to Conan again, about 5 years ago but only in graphic novel form. I still keep up with those.

Currently on:


As far as single issues go, I started buying Batman this year, with the Re-Birth, and I'm keeping up with that - although I'm sort of regretting the commitment I've kind of forced on myself by starting at #1.

noisereductions 11.11.2016 08:21 AM

I actually picked up Batman Rebirth #1 a few weeks ago as well, but haven't actually read it yet.

Severian 11.11.2016 10:10 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
I actually picked up Batman Rebirth #1 a few weeks ago as well, but haven't actually read it yet.

Batman rebirth is good. Has some flawed moments, but overall it's kicking some ass.

Thing is, with the major characters in DC (including the DC universe as a whole) there was a "Rebirth no.1" issue, followed quickly by an actual no.1 with under the "Rebirth" banner. The first issue is functionally a no.0 issue, and in Batman's case in particular, it had almost nothing to do with what came next. The Bats "Rebirth" issue is pretty underwhelming. The good shit starts with Batman 2016 #1 by King & Finch. And it's a damn good story.

Was interrupted by Night of the Monster Men, which I haven't read yet... other artists involved, a side story meant to generate hype and eventually no doubt be a big selling TPB. Basically the Batman story King & Finch developed zigzagged over to the Detective Comics story (which is not as good), and that irritates me. The whole point of multiple title is to keep different continuities in tact, and they just fucked that up.

Anyway... read on, Padawan.

noisereductions 11.11.2016 10:18 AM

I have this


and this


and am confused.

!@#$%! 11.11.2016 10:32 AM

since everyone is doing a mini-bio:

i grew up in various latin american cities. i read kiddie comix from ages 3 to 7. first disney shit then batman superman etc. was a huge batman fan when i was 3. but i'd read a comic in 10 minutes and then needed another. literally, like, i'd get a comic at the drugstore and by the time we were home i was finished.

going shopping my parents would drop me off at the reading section of the supermarket and pick me up after i'd be ther 2 hours reading. i read really fast.

i guess that was my problem with comics-- i read faster than we could pay for them. so books were juicier-- at least would take me 4 or 6 hours.

then at about age 10 discovered tintin and astérix which were in my school library. read those up but there wasn't a lot more. i started drawing comics then and trying to write my own. eventually i moved on to books for good around age 12-13. except, i'd read CONDORITO at the barber. probably nobody here knows wtf is condorito. it's kind of a latin american institution.

there's a long history of latin american comic strips but mostly humor, somewhat political. e.g., mafalda. or boogie el aceitoso.

then i moved to the u.s.

i discovered grownup comics only recently. sandman is just fucking fantastic. got also into fables for a while, love & rockets was great,etc. preacher! i loved preacher.

i can't see myself buying single comics though. it's like, they last me 5 minutes. collected volumes yeah.

i'd like to check out corto maltese some day.

noisereductions 11.11.2016 10:41 AM

I'd say a single issue runs me 15-20 mins depending on length. But I also try to like read the panel and then really take in the art of the panel before moving on to the next. Unless the art sucks haha.

Severian 11.11.2016 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
I have this


and this


and am confused.

Yep, looks like the first one is a special issue for Batman Day.

The second one is the "Zero issue" I mentioned. Only somewhat relevant to what comes next, more of a prologue to New 52.

This is what you need (though reading that zero issue is probably for the best, as its components are referenced once or twice in the following):


Excellently crafted story that had virtually nothing to do with the Watchmen crossover (yet), but finds the Dark Knight in a transformative place, and introduces two new characters who will impact future events like dominoes.

!@#$%! 11.11.2016 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
I'd say a single issue runs me 15-20 mins depending on length. But I also try to like read the panel and then really take in the art of the panel before moving on to the next. Unless the art sucks haha.

yeah, 15-20 min is what takes me to read a collected volume, like-- say, fables?-- from beginning to end.

don't know why. i learned to read on my own at an early age (weird) and i've always been fast.

noisereductions 11.11.2016 01:00 PM

oh I see the difference now! Batman Rebirth is "#0" while DC Universe Rebirth Batman #1 is really #1. Got it.

Also I didn't know there would be a Watchmen crossover. I have the collection and left off on issue #4. So I should work on that too.

Severian 11.11.2016 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
oh I see the difference now! Batman Rebirth is "#0" while DC Universe Rebirth Batman #1 is really #1. Got it.

Also I didn't know there would be a Watchmen crossover. I have the collection and left off on issue #4. So I should work on that too.

Remember that still image I posted a while back? Was it you or Rob I showed that to? Anyway, Watchmen plays a HUGE part in Rebirth. You absolutely MUST read the DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH #1 from May 25.

Check it:


noisereductions 11.11.2016 09:38 PM

Oh snap.

noisereductions 11.12.2016 05:45 PM

just got back from Comic Con. I only ended up picking up two comics but they were both pretty big for me...


I got to meet Steve Lavigne and he was really excited about doing a Batman/Ninja Turtles Adventures cover. I was mixed on this series but he was talking about how he loved Batman Adventures (me too!) so I was convinced to pick up this alternate cover version he did and got his autograph.


Deadpool was huge for me as a kid. So the chance to meet Rob Liefeld was super exciting. So likewise, I got this alternate cover of vol. 5 #1 that he did autographed.

noisereductions 11.14.2016 03:18 PM

sev, I looked it up and confirmed that the "Batman Day" issue #1 I have is in fact just a reprint of the DC Universe Reborn Batman #1. So looks like I'm actually all set to start reading that one.

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