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mil_pl 10.27.2016 02:52 PM

Thurston Moore - Transcendent Transaction
Have y'all seen this?

stu666 10.27.2016 05:26 PM


Originally Posted by mil_pl
Have y'all seen this?

I have now. Thanks!

greenlight 10.28.2016 12:15 PM

"I went to the bank this morning to deposit what was in my heart, 2 sticks of dynamite love"...

sweet shots, really cool to see them recording in studio.

I hope new album is going to be more heavy as T was saying in interview, coz this track is pretty much similiar to last stuff they did - sound wise. actually this recording session had nothing to do with new album, is it? new material was mixed in Seattle, was it?

thanks for finding it and sharing mil_pl!

jlnpgt 11.03.2016 03:32 AM

that's where we recorded our LP with my band...

exactly in those same rooms. If you want to ckeck it out :

maropi 01.02.2017 11:59 AM

Hey Man! I bought your Baton Rouge vinyls last year in Barcelona's La Rampa, with La Bici guys. A surprise I read this post here!
(btw, those live videos in youtube were mine, too, ;-D)

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