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Toilet & Bowels 10.16.2015 04:10 AM

best lee ranaldo improv albums?
No sense in only having a Thurston improv thread, so I'll throw this open to the floor. But first! I'm naming this list:

Scriptures of the Golden Eternity (this one is probably my overall favourite)
New Life After Fire w/Dave Dyment (Excellent, but who is Dave Dyment???)
East Jesus
Amarillo Ramp
Drift w/Leah Singer (I saw this in a cinema when it came out. I want to get the DVD, but why is it so expensive?)
The Gift of Tongues w/William Hooker & Zeena Parkins (Played this one to a classmate back in art school, she put on the headphones and the look on her face: WHAT IS THIS?!?! --After the initial shock she liked it)
Broken Circle Spiral Hill

additional mention to Gate - Live in Boston, NYC 1994 (w/Lee Ranaldo and Zeena Parkins)

Now it's your turn.

Mortte Jousimo 10.16.2015 04:39 AM

Glacial is my favourite! Have to say that I havenīt heard lots of Leeīs improv-stuff (he hasnīt made it a lot since I started to buy also solo stuff). Really going to have someday at least Amarillo Ramp & East Jesus.

jlnpgt 10.16.2015 06:12 AM

I really liked the 2 collaborations he did with Jean Marc Montera


noisereductions 10.16.2015 07:25 AM


greenlight 10.16.2015 02:29 PM

oh, man he has so much good impro/experimental stuff. from the top of my head from those official releases :

Drift, Vancouver Ambients 1-4, North Six, Broken Circle, From Here To Infinity, SCRIPTURES OF THE GOLDEN ETERNITY, Amarilo Ramp, Dirty Windows, Music For Stage And Screen, Oasis Of Whispers, Celestial Answer, Nothing Makes Any Sense, Outside My Window...

And I am really enjoying using his spoken word into my mixes. Especially Spoken For Geraldine, which I have on tape and


he has tons of experimental stuff there and it is never disappointing.

Rob Instigator 10.16.2015 04:46 PM

I personally love the amarillo ramp, and the from here to infinity. Lee's music improv tickles my brain. I got to see Text Of Light perform in HOuston a few years back and it was AWESOME

he signed my 10" single of 100% and I told him Genetic is my favorite song and he was (and is) the nicest fucking guy!!!!!

whorefrost 10.20.2015 06:49 AM

Perturbed that no-one has mentioned his collaboration with Birchville Cat Motel yet which was recorded in NYC on NYE. Highest possible recommendation; strap this fucker on and git gone.

Mortte Jousimo 11.25.2015 10:12 AM

I really want to mention here new Ranaldo/ L`Orchestre Inharmonique de Nice LP although I think Lee isnīt playing in it, just leading the orchestra.

selkcip 11.29.2015 04:21 PM


halgreen 11.29.2015 04:25 PM

dirty windows is a great one in my book. i love a lot of them...but dirty windows has thurston, steve, michael morley, and epic soundtracks all on one disc.

selkcip 11.29.2015 04:40 PM

i would say dirty windows is definitely more composed than improvised..

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