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SuchFriendsAreDangerous 07.08.2015 06:28 PM

shellac and Shannon wright tour
If i were as adventurous as i was in my 20s id be going to this show.. stubhub=not sold out....

My sister who is in her 20s is gonna try..i hope she gets in

In truth id be going if (a) i had remembered to check stubhub weeks ago when i still could have moved my trip to Portland forward or (b) i was making money instead of losing money.. it came down to trip to Portland vs shannon Wright show when i broke down my finances and well... i miss my fambam there too much.
Also the Dead show a few weeks ago exhausted my spiritual energy for accomplishing life long dream shows.. i been trying to see Shannon Wright for over ten years... but the Dead are more important to me even than that, and at this stage in my life i can only handle accomplishing one life long goal at a time, and the Dead were it..i hope somebody here also gets to go

ilduclo 07.13.2015 08:00 AM

I recorded them the other night & will post in the bootlegs thread soon

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 07.13.2015 12:27 PM

Please post!! I can't make the show as i mentioned but i want to know what it was like

ilduclo 07.13.2015 02:46 PM

in the bootlegs thread

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 07.15.2015 01:10 PM


My sister last night... i would have soooooooo bored shannon with my OCD reflections of her music and how quite literally she is the first musician to inspire me to take ny my own music seriously.. she was the first two piece band i ever saw live, and she right then and there convinced me that i could legitimately play as a two piece band and people would actually dig it! That was in 2002..

Toilet & Bowels 07.15.2015 05:01 PM

After all these years of you banging on about Shannon Wright I'm kind of shocked you didn't go.

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 07.15.2015 05:49 PM

I had already bought plane tickets and they weren't exchangeable by the time I found tickets for the show. To be sure, I initially tried to move my plane tickets but the show was sold out. So I just kept with my program..

and yes, I am the unabashed Shannon Wright promoter here on SYG ;)

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